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CircumTrektion: TransAm 2006

Two wheels, three months, 4400 miles

By Joy Santee
4,427 miles (7,125 km) over 86 days between May 11, 2006 and Aug. 4, 2006


Introductory Matters heart 3
Updates probably not that interesting to the general public: (you've been warned!) heart 2
Kudos heart 1
Obligatory Equipment List heart 1
Packing list 2--where things are: (at least where they are supposed to be!) heart 1
Tips, Cheap Tricks and Creative Solutions: (ok, some aren't that creative) heart 2

Shakedown Tours

Shakedown Tours heart 1
Overnight to Turkey Run heart 1
SouthCentral Indiana Shakedown: Getting my feet (and everything else) wet heart 1
Beginning at Brown County heart 2
Well ... you just can't get there from here! heart 3
Relatively painless day to Paynetown heart 5
Payne-ful Pepsi Saga heart 1
Back to Brown County heart 2
Pepsi Saga, Part 2 heart 1
NOTE heart 1

Life is a Highway: At least for the next three months it is!


Day 0: Indy to Norfolk heart 1
Day 1: Yorktown to Chickahominy River: Barefoot Brian and the Soggy Bottom Girls heart 7
Day 2: Chicahominy River to Mechanicsville: Homeless and well-fed heart 1
Day 3: Mechanicsville to Mineral: Baby hills begin heart 1
Day 4: Mineral to Charlottesville: Luck finds us! heart 1
Day 5: C-ville to Afton: The Cookie Lady! heart 2
Day 6: Afton to Mallard Campground: Whereby Joy is passed by a lawn mower ... and then by a butterfly heart 1
Day 7: Mallard to Troutville: Joy gets fed up with marketing heart 2
Day 8: Troutville to Radford, VA: Hills, Headwind, and an achin' bum heart 2
Day 9: Radford to Radford: Rest day #1/Roaming Gnome takes a Fast Forward heart 1
Day 10: Radford to (Almost) Cedar Springs: I thought the headwinds would come in Kansas! heart 2
Day 11: (Almost) Cedar Springs to Damascus: Catching the Tail end of Trail Days heart 2
Day 12: Damascus to Elk Garden Church heart 2
Day 13: Elk Garden to Breaks: Joy the Mechanic! heart 3


Day 14: Breaks to Pippa Passes: Joy is a dirty, tired, hungry puppy heart 3
Day 15: Pippa Passes to Hazard: TGFWPS or "Raindrops on Roses" is not among my favorite things heart 1
Day 16: Hazard to Booneville: We've been through Hail and back heart 1
Day 17: Booneville to Berea heart 1
Day 18: Berea to Harrodsburg: Hot, Hot, Hot heart 1
Day 19: Harrodsburg to Bardstown: Still Hot heart 1
NOTE 2: Thank You!!! heart 1
Day 20: Bardstown to Lincoln Birthplace heart 1
Day 21: Lincoln Birthplace to Rough River Dam State Park: Three Weeks! heart 1
Day 22: Rough River to Utica heart 1
Day 23: Utica to Marion: How much rain can one little biker handle? heart 1


Day 24: Marion, KY to Tunnel Hill, IL: A bad day with a good ending heart 1
Day 25: Tunnel Hill, IL to Carbondale, IL heart 2
Day 26: Carbondale to Chester heart 5


Day 27: Chester to St. Joe State Park (Farmington, MO area) heart 3
Day 28: St. Joe to Centerville, MO heart 2
Day 29: Centerville to Summersville heart 3
Day 30: Summersville to Hartville heart 1
Day 31: Hartville to Fair Grove heart 4
Day 32: Fair Grove to Golden City: Kansas, I'm coming!!! heart 4


Day 33: Golden City to Chanute: I JUST RODE MY BIKE ALL THE WAY FROM VIRGINIA TO KANSAS!!! heart 3
Day 34: Chanute to Eureka! Kansas heart 1
Day 35: Eureka to El Dorado, KS heart 2
Day 36: El Dorado to Newton heart 2
Day 37: Newton to Sterling heart 3
Day 38: Sterling to Larned, KS heart 2
I'm Behind! heart 1
Day 39: Larned to Ness City heart 1
Day 40: Ness City to Scott City heart 1
Day 41: Scott City to Tribune, KS: Heat, Headwinds, and biting flies heart 3


Day 42: Tribune, KS to Eads, CO: Finally! Colorado! heart 1
Day 43: Eads to Ordway heart 1
Day 44: Ordway to Pueblo (then Denver by car) heart 1
Day 45: Denver: Rest day #2 heart 1
Day 46: Denver to Estes Park by car: Rest day #3 heart 1
Day 47: Estes to Estes: Rest day #4 heart 1
I'm OK!!! heart 1
Day 48: Estes to Pueblo to Lake Pueblo State Park heart 1
Day 49: Pueblo SP to Royal Gorge area heart 1
Day 50: Royal Gorge to Guffey heart 3
Day 51: Guffey to Silverthorne heart 1
Day 52: Silverthorne to Arapaho National Forrest heart 1


Day 53: Arapaho to Riverside, Wyoming heart 3
Day 54: Riverside to Muddy Gap heart 1
Day 55: Muddy Gap to Lander heart 2
Day 56: Lander to Lander: Mostly a rest day! heart 1
Day 57: Lander to Dubois: Wind River lives up to its name... heart 1
Day 58: Dubois to Some RV Park: Actual text on this page! heart 1
Day 59: Teton RV Park to Jackson: Text here, too! heart 4
Day 60: Jackson to Jackson: And here!!! heart 1
Day 61: Jackson to Flagg Ranch: Just S of Yellowstone heart 3
Day 62: Flagg to Grant (Yellowstone) heart 1
Day 63: Grant to Madison (still Yellowstone) heart 4


Day 64: Madison CG to Madison River: Montana! heart 1
Day 65: Madison River to Twin Bridges heart 4
Day 66: Twin Bridges to Dillon heart 1
Day 67: Dillon to Jackson Hot Springs heart 2
Day 68: Jackson to Darby: The Bud and Shirley Motel!!! heart 1
Day 69: Darby to Almost Missoula heart 1
Day 70: Almost Missoula to Missoula heart 1
Day 71: Missoula to Lolo Creek Campground heart 1


Day 72: Lolo Creek CG to Wilderness Gateway CG heart 3
Day 73: Wilderness Gateway to Grangeville heart 1
Day 74: Grangeville to Riggins heart 3
Day 75: Riggins to Council heart 1


Day 76: Council to Halfway, OREGON! heart 1
Day 77: Halfway to Baker City: (actually, I made it all the way to Baker City!) heart 1
Day 78: Baker City to Baker City heart 1
Brief Update heart 1
Day 79: Baker City to Prairie City heart 1
Day 80: Prairie City to Dayville heart 1
Day 81: Dayville to Ochoco Lake heart 1
Day 82: Ochoco Lake to Sisters (almost) heart 1
Day 83: Sisters to Sisters heart 1
Day 84: Sisters to Mackenzie Bridge heart 2
Day 85: Mackinzie Bridge to Eugene heart 3
Day 86: Eugene to Florence! heart 6


I MADE IT!!! heart 2
Days After: Back to Eugene, then to Portland heart 1
Headed Home : ( heart 1
Links: Fellow Riders, Resources, etc. heart 0