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CircumTrektion: TransAm 2006

Two wheels, three months, 4400 miles

By Joy Santee
4,427 miles (7,125 km) over 86 days between May 11, 2006 and Aug. 4, 2006


Introductory Matters heart 17
Updates probably not that interesting to the general public: (you've been warned!) heart 12
Kudos heart 2
Obligatory Equipment List heart 2
Packing list 2--where things are: (at least where they are supposed to be!) heart 4
Tips, Cheap Tricks and Creative Solutions: (ok, some aren't that creative) heart 21

Shakedown Tours

Shakedown Tours heart 2
Overnight to Turkey Run heart 4
SouthCentral Indiana Shakedown: Getting my feet (and everything else) wet heart 2
Beginning at Brown County heart 9
Well ... you just can't get there from here! heart 40
Relatively painless day to Paynetown heart 37
Payne-ful Pepsi Saga heart 23
Back to Brown County heart 25
Pepsi Saga, Part 2 heart 8
NOTE heart 3

Life is a Highway: At least for the next three months it is!


Day 0: Indy to Norfolk heart 5
Day 1: Yorktown to Chickahominy River: Barefoot Brian and the Soggy Bottom Girls heart 30
Day 2: Chicahominy River to Mechanicsville: Homeless and well-fed heart 9
Day 3: Mechanicsville to Mineral: Baby hills begin heart 9
Day 4: Mineral to Charlottesville: Luck finds us! heart 8
Day 5: C-ville to Afton: The Cookie Lady! heart 19
Day 6: Afton to Mallard Campground: Whereby Joy is passed by a lawn mower ... and then by a butterfly heart 12
Day 7: Mallard to Troutville: Joy gets fed up with marketing heart 7
Day 8: Troutville to Radford, VA: Hills, Headwind, and an achin' bum heart 10
Day 9: Radford to Radford: Rest day #1/Roaming Gnome takes a Fast Forward heart 5
Day 10: Radford to (Almost) Cedar Springs: I thought the headwinds would come in Kansas! heart 14
Day 11: (Almost) Cedar Springs to Damascus: Catching the Tail end of Trail Days heart 7
Day 12: Damascus to Elk Garden Church heart 11
Day 13: Elk Garden to Breaks: Joy the Mechanic! heart 8


Day 14: Breaks to Pippa Passes: Joy is a dirty, tired, hungry puppy heart 8
Day 15: Pippa Passes to Hazard: TGFWPS or "Raindrops on Roses" is not among my favorite things heart 10
Day 16: Hazard to Booneville: We've been through Hail and back heart 18
Day 17: Booneville to Berea heart 7
Day 18: Berea to Harrodsburg: Hot, Hot, Hot heart 17
Day 19: Harrodsburg to Bardstown: Still Hot heart 7
NOTE 2: Thank You!!! heart 1
Day 20: Bardstown to Lincoln Birthplace heart 10
Day 21: Lincoln Birthplace to Rough River Dam State Park: Three Weeks! heart 13
Day 22: Rough River to Utica heart 5
Day 23: Utica to Marion: How much rain can one little biker handle? heart 6


Day 24: Marion, KY to Tunnel Hill, IL: A bad day with a good ending heart 16
Day 25: Tunnel Hill, IL to Carbondale, IL heart 11
Day 26: Carbondale to Chester heart 15


Day 27: Chester to St. Joe State Park (Farmington, MO area) heart 12
Day 28: St. Joe to Centerville, MO heart 12
Day 29: Centerville to Summersville heart 10
Day 30: Summersville to Hartville heart 12
Day 31: Hartville to Fair Grove heart 9
Day 32: Fair Grove to Golden City: Kansas, I'm coming!!! heart 14


Day 33: Golden City to Chanute: I JUST RODE MY BIKE ALL THE WAY FROM VIRGINIA TO KANSAS!!! heart 7
Day 34: Chanute to Eureka! Kansas heart 6
Day 35: Eureka to El Dorado, KS heart 7
Day 36: El Dorado to Newton heart 7
Day 37: Newton to Sterling heart 9
Day 38: Sterling to Larned, KS heart 7
I'm Behind! heart 1
Day 39: Larned to Ness City heart 7
Day 40: Ness City to Scott City heart 6
Day 41: Scott City to Tribune, KS: Heat, Headwinds, and biting flies heart 12


Day 42: Tribune, KS to Eads, CO: Finally! Colorado! heart 10
Day 43: Eads to Ordway heart 10
Day 44: Ordway to Pueblo (then Denver by car) heart 6
Day 45: Denver: Rest day #2 heart 4
Day 46: Denver to Estes Park by car: Rest day #3 heart 3
Day 47: Estes to Estes: Rest day #4 heart 6
I'm OK!!! heart 1
Day 48: Estes to Pueblo to Lake Pueblo State Park heart 8
Day 49: Pueblo SP to Royal Gorge area heart 4
Day 50: Royal Gorge to Guffey heart 12
Day 51: Guffey to Silverthorne heart 16
Day 52: Silverthorne to Arapaho National Forrest heart 13


Day 53: Arapaho to Riverside, Wyoming heart 17
Day 54: Riverside to Muddy Gap heart 15
Day 55: Muddy Gap to Lander heart 7
Day 56: Lander to Lander: Mostly a rest day! heart 3
Day 57: Lander to Dubois: Wind River lives up to its name... heart 8
Day 58: Dubois to Some RV Park: Actual text on this page! heart 10
Day 59: Teton RV Park to Jackson: Text here, too! heart 14
Day 60: Jackson to Jackson: And here!!! heart 4
Day 61: Jackson to Flagg Ranch: Just S of Yellowstone heart 10
Day 62: Flagg to Grant (Yellowstone) heart 5
Day 63: Grant to Madison (still Yellowstone) heart 17


Day 64: Madison CG to Madison River: Montana! heart 13
Day 65: Madison River to Twin Bridges heart 10
Day 66: Twin Bridges to Dillon heart 7
Day 67: Dillon to Jackson Hot Springs heart 7
Day 68: Jackson to Darby: The Bud and Shirley Motel!!! heart 7
Day 69: Darby to Almost Missoula heart 5
Day 70: Almost Missoula to Missoula heart 4
Day 71: Missoula to Lolo Creek Campground heart 5


Day 72: Lolo Creek CG to Wilderness Gateway CG heart 10
Day 73: Wilderness Gateway to Grangeville heart 6
Day 74: Grangeville to Riggins heart 12
Day 75: Riggins to Council heart 8


Day 76: Council to Halfway, OREGON! heart 9
Day 77: Halfway to Baker City: (actually, I made it all the way to Baker City!) heart 9
Day 78: Baker City to Baker City heart 5
Brief Update heart 2
Day 79: Baker City to Prairie City heart 11
Day 80: Prairie City to Dayville heart 8
Day 81: Dayville to Ochoco Lake heart 5
Day 82: Ochoco Lake to Sisters (almost) heart 5
Day 83: Sisters to Sisters heart 3
Day 84: Sisters to Mackenzie Bridge heart 18
Day 85: Mackinzie Bridge to Eugene heart 11
Day 86: Eugene to Florence! heart 32


I MADE IT!!! heart 2
Days After: Back to Eugene, then to Portland heart 11
Headed Home : ( heart 7
Links: Fellow Riders, Resources, etc. heart 2