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Undaunted Porridge

The Grumbys Corps of Discovery- Cycling the Path of Lewis & Clark

By Ron Grumby & Jen Grumby
1,408 miles (2,266 km) over 57 days since May 24, 2018
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Prologue heart 11
The Itinerary heart 11
Attack of the Wire Worms! The Horror.... heart 42
Grumbys on the Road- Finally! heart 16
Leaving- On The Road At Last heart 23
Seven Hillbillies and Two Owls heart 25
Hills, Headwinds, Heat and Hospitality heart 16
Is That Anhydrous Ammonia in my Corn? heart 31
Falls City NE: 2 Beaucerons and a Jailbird heart 38
Leapfrog to Omaha Oasis heart 34
The Grumbys Go Camping With Boy Scouts heart 31
Hitchcock Nature Preserve to Missouri Valley: 2nd Breakfast at Penny's Diner heart 22
Missouri Valley to Onawa: a Headwind Story Problem heart 36
Onawa to Sioux City heart 23
Stone State Park, Gravesites, & Blue Bunny Ice Cream heart 32
Grumbys Plus One: Sioux City to Vermillion heart 22
Two Barns and a Slumber Party- Vermillon to Yankton heart 49
Squatters Lunch- Yankton, SD to Springfield, SD heart 41
Springfield to Pickstown- Herding Dogs on Empty Roads in Indian Country heart 43
Pickstown to Bonesteel-Giant Pancakes and More Cycle Tourers heart 44
Bonesteel to Snake Creek RecArea, South Dakota heart 45
Tailwinds, Paparazzi and Velveeta! Snake Creek to Chamberlain, South Dakota heart 40
Passing 500 Miles and More Exciting Numbers heart 5
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Chamberlain to Fort Thompson heart 36
Distressed Cattle- Ft. Thompson to Pierre heart 58
Rest, Repairs and Rain in Pierre, South Dakota heart 46
Evil Wind, Pass Me By- Pierre to Bob's Resort heart 22
Bob's to Akaska: A Dark and Stormy Day heart 47
Akaska to Mobridge- Skunks, Sticky Buns and Black-bodied Yellowbirds heart 43
Mobridge to Pollock- Smooth Sailing and Instant Fame heart 78
Pollock to Bismarck- A strategic high mile day heart 68
Downtime in Bismarck- Chasing a tire and summarizing one month on the road heart 76
Leapfrog #2- Bismarck to Beulah heart 41
Good Gravel, Bad Tarmac, Ugly Tornados on the Road from Beulah to Hebron, North Dakota heart 73
6/27/18 Hebron to Dickinson: Sonder and Sugar heart 56
Dickinson to Medora- The First Thousand Miles.. heart 57
Mr. Bubble in Medora heart 19
Rest Day in Rough Rider Country heart 72
Medora to Wibaux- Into the Great State of Montana, home of Phil Lilley heart 73
7/1/2018-7/3/2018: 5 Rockstars and a Spacious Malibu heart 23
7/2/18 Glendive Staycation: Makoshika State Park heart 95
Independence Day in Lewistown, Montana heart 88
7/5/18: Lewistown to Denton: Tailwinds and Teddy Bears heart 87
Grumbys in the Old West- Denton, MT to Geraldine heart 64
Geraldine to Fort Benton- Short Slacker Day heart 47
Fort Benton to Great Falls- Cattle Drives and Luxury Kamping heart 43
Montana Hospitality- Great Falls to Simms heart 65
Gloom, Despair and Agony on Rogers Pass heart 56
Grumbiversary in Lincoln, MT heart 48
Lincoln to Lubrecht Experimental Forest heart 72
Lubrecht to Missoula- Tyre Gremlins, the ACA, and Sparkle!+ heart 58
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