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June 16, 2018

Passing 500 Miles and More Exciting Numbers

On 6/13 we crossed the 500 mile threshold. Avid readers of this journal, apparently having a lot of free time on their hands, will remember that my buddy Tom shuttled us from Falls City, Nebraska to Omaha during a heat wave and thunderstorm epidemic. Those 110 miles don't count in this total. 

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By popular demand*, I have compiled some fun facts you can share with your kids, grandmother, neighbors, cat, enemies, gas station guy, etc:

*Not true

As of 6/16/2018: (There is one naughty word below but it is there for emphasis)

Days on the Road- 25 

Riding days- 18 

Days over 60 miles- 1 

Days ridden 50-59 miles- 3

Days ridden 40-49 miles- 4

Days ridden 30-39 miles-3

Total miles ridden- 585

Average miles per riding day- 31.2

Camping Nights- 14

Hotel nights-9

Cousins in Omaha lodging- 2

Severe Thunderstorms encountered- 6

Number of times we had to find shelter due to fucking thunderstorms- 5

Days we made Porridge- 2(!)

Beers consumed/free beers- 3/1

Average moving speed- 8.26

Total Elevation Gain- 34,561 feet

Elevation change from Weston, MO at 759 feet to Pierre, SD at 2091- 1332

Top speed- 34.1

Other touring cyclists encountered- 4

A few insights: 

  • The lack of porridge is related mostly to our practice of getting the hell up early and getting miles in before heat and winds kick up. We eat granola bars and stuff and the stop later for a restaurant breakfast or more granola. It's been fine that way. 
  • We have slept in hotels more than we expected at this point but 40 mph winds and lightning are not conducive to restful or safe sleep. So we will lodge indoors when we feel it's appropriate and camp otherwise. 
  • Average miles per day will. continue to increase as we get our mojo on. I have been slower to get in the groove than Jen. 
  • We sort of expected a few more cycle tourers but this is not as popular or accessable as the Transamerica Route I guess. 
  • The total beers to free beers ratio needs to improve

That's all the boring facts for now. Next up: our 61 Mile Death Slog from Hell. (Was it really that bad? You'll have to read to find out!)

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Li LaWhat is porridge? Oatmeal? Cream of wheat? Grits? Boiled rice gruel? Watery mash potatoe? Miss you guys. Ride safe.
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2 years ago
Ron SuchanekTo Li LaIt's kind of anything like you mentioned. For us it's oatmeal.since we eat oatmeal a lot, although we haven't done so much on this trip.
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2 years ago
Paula LentowichLove the stats! You should give us updates on the numbers periodically.
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2 years ago
Ron SuchanekTo Paula LentowichWill do. Thanks!
The daily miles and cumulative total are at the end of each post, but we'll keep doing periodic updates off others.
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2 years ago