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Poking Around Europe on our Bikes

A ride through Germany and France

By Kathleen Classen
2,418 km (1,502 miles) over 58 days between Aug. 31, 2014 and Oct. 27, 2014
Where are we going?: How do we get those bikes in the boxes? YouTube to the rescue. heart 0
Our Bags are Packed: One more sleep! heart 0
Long Flights and Tiny Elevators heart 0
Eh...Kemo Sabe, let's jump on our ponies and put on some kilometres: Frankfurt Airport to Ingelheim heart 0
Castles on the Rhine: Ingelheim to St. Goar heart 0
Cruising down the Rhine at 13 knots, pacing the cruise ship: St. Goar through Boppard and Koblenz to Kobern-Gondorf heart 0
Meandering down the Mosel: Kobern-Gondorf to Cochem heart 0
Riesling and the Mosel: Cochem to Wolf heart 0
Party Time in Bernkastel: Wolf to Bernkastel to Longuich heart 0
History Lesson in Trier: Longuich to Trier heart 0
Heading upriver on the Saar: Trier to Saarlouis heart 0
Great ride along the canals of the Saar: Saarlouis through Saarbruken to Mittersheim heart 0
82 km today...70 in the right direction: Mittersheim to Saverne heart 0
A Rainy Ride in the Alsace: Saverne to Strasbourg heart 0
Exploring Strasbourg: History, Architecture and Zombies heart 0
The Wine Route in Alsace: Strasbourg to Mittelburgheim heart 0
Castles, Vineyards and Villages: Mittelburgheim to Riquewihr heart 0
Blue Skies, more Vines and Apple Orchards: Riquewihr to Kientzheim to Colmar heart 0
Accomodation Costs Averaging Down: Not by Choice!!: Colmar to Dannemarie heart 0
International Meeting on the Eurovelo 6: Dannemarie to Baume Les Dames heart 1
Abandoned Building in Just the Right Spot!: Baume les Dames to Besancon heart 0
Charming Besanson and the Citadel: Resting by walking miles, much of it uphill heart 0
Getting lost in Provence and a Flat Tire: Besancon to Caromb by train and bike heart 0
Three flat Tires on Two Bikes in 20 Hours: Bike Tube Shopping in Bedoin heart 0
The Most Amazing Day: Gorge de la Nesque heart 0
We Got Wet, Very Very Wet!: Soggy Provence heart 0
Mediterranean Beaches: St. Tropez and More heart 0
Ruins, aqueduct, wine and sunset: Another full day heart 0
Exploring Avignon: Caromb to Avignon heart 0
Avignon: A race and the Palace of the Popes heart 0
Avignon to Beaune: Trains and Bikes heart 0
A Taste of Burgundy: La Voie des Vignes heart 0
The Best Vines Grow on Hills!: Beaune to Nuits St. George heart 0
Chateaus and Vineyards: Nuits St. George to Dijon. heart 0
Trains and bikes, again!: Dijon to Rheinfelden heart 0
Rheinfelden: Roman Ruins and Wonderful New Friends heart 0
Rested and Ready to Ride: Rheinfelden to Hohentegen heart 0
A Ride Dedicated to Julie: Hohentegen to Stein am Rhein heart 0
What Country are we in Anyway?: Stein Am Rhein to Konstanz to Meersburg heart 0
Taking it Easy on the Bodensee: Meersburg to Lindau heart 0
Heading North: Lindau to Ravensburg to Bad Waldsee heart 0
Over the Hills and Dales to the Danube: Bad Waldsee to Ulm heart 0
Symphony Concert and Crooked House: Ulm heart 0
A Good Ride after a Day Off: Ulm to Donauworth heart 0
So There are Hills in Bavaria: Donauworth to Ingolstadt heart 0
Ups and Downs: Ingolstadt to Regensburg heart 0
Look Who we Found in Regensburg: Regensburg heart 0
The Advantages of Loose Planning: Regensburg to Riedenburg heart 0
It had to Happen...Rain!: Riedenburg to Eichstatt heart 0
Back to Summer Weather, After Some Fog: Eichstatt to Windsfeld heart 0
A Memorable Day on the Bikes: Windsfeld to Rothenburg heart 0
Medieval Rothenburg: Rothenburg ob der Tauber heart 0
Trains and Bikes: Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Berlin heart 0
The Best Kind of Tour Guides: Berlin, Day One heart 0
A Busy Day but we Didn't Get Far: Berlin Day Two heart 0
So Much to Enjoy: Berlin Day Three heart 0
Happy Birthday Keith: Berlin Day Four heart 2
The Journey Home Begins: Berlin to Frankfurt Flughaven heart 0
Planes and Adventures at Airport Security: Frankfurt to Calgary to Victoria heart 0
Our Final Thoughts: From our Home in Victoria heart 0