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Grampies on the Go

Victoria to Montreal (and beyond!) Babysitting Odyssey

By Steve Miller/Grampies
7,653 km (4,753 miles) over 141 days between May 1, 2011 and Sep. 18, 2011
About Us heart 1
What We're Cycling For, and Where We're Headed heart 1
Equipment: Which straw will break our backs? heart 1
Preparation and Training: Can two old timers do those passes in under a year? heart 1
Questions We Asked Ourselves: and what we answered heart 1
How will we find our way while we are actually cycling? heart 1
How will we get, store, and lookup information on what campgrounds, groceries, and motels are along our route? heart 1
Panniers vs. Trailer? heart 1
What Gearing to Use heart 1
What Tires to Use heart 1
Malahat Madness: Don't Try This at Home heart 3
The Lochside Trail: Thank goodness biking is not all whizzing traffic and noisy trucks heart 1
Still Getting Ready to Go heart 1
Searching Out GPS (and other last minute freak outs) heart 1
Prophecy comes true: Except no Rockies heart 1
Not leaving yet - but ready to go heart 1
It Works!: and other news from Sprague, Washington heart 1
Don't Count On It: News from Idaho and Montana heart 1
The Frozen Touch of the Montana Wind heart 2
Frenchtown Rock heart 1
Bad Cat, Get Down! heart 1
It's Hard to vote when you are out of town!: and other frustrations heart 1
The best laid plans...: can be altered by an email heart 1
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!! heart 1
Isn't She Lovely!: Everyone in Starbucks Agrees! heart 1
Trails and Passes heart 1
Trails: (Or Not) heart 1
Dogs and Bikes heart 1
Destination Moscow (Idaho!): Last minute freakout at Routing Central heart 1
Day 1 And They're Off!: (We love you, Arthur) heart 1
Day 2 Mountains, medicine, and motel: Just push the bikes to Montreal? heart 3
Day 3 Coupeville, Washington to Everett, Washington: The Mailback heart 1
Day 4 Everett to Fall City Washington: How sweet it is! heart 4
Day 5 Fall City to Hobart, Washington: heart 2
Day 6 Hobart to Puyallup, Washington: Try Pronouncing That One heart 2
Day 7 Puyallup to Yelm, Washington: Catch-22 heart 0
Day 8 Yelm to Tenino, Washington: Blam! heart 0
Day 9 Tenino to Matilda Jackson State Park, Washington: Take Me Home (to Art's place) Country Roads heart 0
Day 10 Jackson State Park to Longview, Washington: Safe Haven heart 0
Day 11 Longview to Vancouver, Washington: Under the I, - 5: Bingo! heart 0
Day 12 Vancouver to Beacon Rock State Park, Washington: EastBound at last! heart 0
Day 13 Beacon Rock to White Salmon, Washington: A Shoulder to Cry On (or not) heart 0
Day 14 White Salmon, Washington to Biggs, Oregon: In Which We Make the Leap (not a moment too soon!) heart 0
Day 15 Biggs, Oregon Rest Day: Touring the Town heart 0
Day 16 Biggs to Irrigon, Oregon: Dis-Gorged! heart 0
Day 17 Irrigon, Oregon to Walla Walla, Washington: Risky Gamble heart 0
Day 18 Walla Walla to Dayton, Washington: Magical! heart 0
Day 19 Lewis and Clark Trail State Park to Central Ferry Park, Washington: Our Own Estate! heart 0
Day 20 Central Ferry to Colfax, Washington: Fiber - Fixed! heart 0
Day 21 Colfax to Palouse, Washington: Small Town to the Rescue heart 0
Day 22 Palouse, Washington: Small town life, and death heart 0
Day 23 Palouse Washington to Mile 10, Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, Idaho: A Dream Comes True heart 1
Day 24 Mile 10 Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes to Wallace, Idaho heart 0
Day 25 Wallace to Mullan, Idaho heart 0
Day 26 Mullan, Idaho: Rest Cure heart 0
Day 27 Mullan, Idaho to Missoula, Montana: It's All Good heart 0
Day 28 Missoula, Montana heart 1
Day 29 Missoula, Montana: The Road Behind, The Road Ahead heart 0
Day 30 Missoula, Montana: Cycling Again - Well sort of. heart 0
Day 31 Missoula, Montana: Set to Go (Again) (Almost) heart 0
Day 32 Missoula to Clearwater Junction, Montana: A River Runs Through It heart 0
Day 33 Clearwater Junction to Lincoln, Montana: Shaky but Still Standing heart 0
Day 34 Lincoln, Montana heart 0
Day 35 Lincoln to Simms, Montana: Continental Divide? Piece of Cake! heart 0
Day 36 Simms to Great Falls, Montana: A New Dawn heart 0
Day 37 Great Falls to Fort Benton, Montana: Well, blow me down! heart 0
Day 38 Fort Benton, Montana: ...and Things Were Very Historical heart 0
Day 39 Fort Benton to Big Sandy, Montana: Farewell, Shep heart 0
Day 40 Big Sandy to Havre, Montana: Winner! heart 0
Day 41 Havre, Montana to Consul, Saskatchewan: Oh, Canada heart 0
Day 42 Consul to Eastend, Saskatchewan: Neutron Bomb and Spaceship Bikes heart 0
Day 43 Eastend, Saskatchewan: The Thin Red Line heart 0
Day 44 Eastend to Ponteix: Striking Oil heart 0
Day 45 Ponteix to Lafleche, Saskatchewan: Ici On Parle Francais heart 0
Day 46 Lafleche to Ogema: The path and the plan heart 0
Day 47 Ogema to Weyburn, Saskatchewan: Farewell Uncle Ed heart 0
Day 48 Weyburn, Saskatchewan: Deluged! heart 0
Day 49 Weyburn to Arcola, Saskatchewan: Blowing in the wind. heart 0
Day 50 Arcola to Redvers, Saskatchewan: Wind, lightning, thunder and rain! heart 0
Day 51 Redvers Saskatchewan to Reston, Manitoba: The Flying Dutchman heart 0
Day 52 Reston to Souris, Manitoba: Summertime and the Biking is Easy (or not) heart 0
Day 53 Souris to Glenboro, Manitoba: Blood on the Tracks (but OK now). heart 0
Day 54 Glenboro to Winnipeg, Manitoba: Winnipeg! (Montreal couldn't be much further - or could it?) heart 0
Day 55 Winnipeg, Manitoba: Urban Cowboys heart 0
Day 56 Selkirk, Manitoba: Best Danish West of Montreal heart 0
Day 57 Selkirk, Manitoba heart 0
Day 58 Winnipeg, Manitoba heart 0
Day 59 Winnipeg to Roseau River, Manitoba: Pull over, slow down! heart 0
Day 60 Roseau River, Manitoba to Bronson Lake, Minnesota heart 0
Day 61 Lake Bronson State Park to Thief River Falls, Minnesota: UQ Times Two heart 0
Day 62 Thief River Falls, Minnesota: Total Shutdown heart 0
Day 63 Thief River Falls to Bagley, Minnesota: The Star Spangled Banner heart 0
Day 64 Bagley to Cass Lake, Minnesota: Covered Gazebo with Picnic Tables heart 0
Day 65 Cass Lake to Grand Rapids, Minnesota: Go Michael, Go heart 0
Day 66 Grand Rapids to Cloquet, Minnesota: La La Palooza (and other sundaes) heart 0
Day 67 Cloquet to Duluth, Minnesota: Mordor to a Street Party Just for Us via Lothlorien heart 0
Day 68 Duluth, Minnesota to Port Wing, Wisconsin: The Land of Joni's Birth heart 0
Day 69 Port Wing to Bayfield, Wisconsin heart 0
Day 70 Bayfield to Ashland, Wisconsin: Hello again, Highway 2 heart 0
Day 71 Ashland, Wisconsin to Wakefield, Michigan heart 0
Day 72 Wakefield to Watersmeet, Michigan: Not Laurier Street heart 0
Day 73 Watersmeet to Crystal Falls, Michigan heart 0
Day 74 Crystal Falls to Norway, Michigan: A Tale of Two Towns heart 0
Day 75 Norway to Escanaba, Michigan heart 0
Day 76 Escanaba to Manistique, Michigan heart 0
Day 77 Manistique to St. Ignace, Michigan: In which we live to see the Lake again heart 0
Day 78 St. Ignace to Sault Ste Marie Michigan heart 0
Day 79 Sault Ste Marie, Michigan heart 0
Day 80 Sault Ste Marie to Thessalon, Ontario heart 0
Day 81 Thessalon to Spragge, Ontario: In a Fog heart 0
Day 82 Spragge to Whitefish Falls: Bear (s) with me heart 0
Day 83 Whitefish Falls to South Baymouth, Ontario heart 0
Day 84 South Baymouth to Lion's Head, Ontario: A Sunshine Sketch heart 0
Day 85 Lion's Head to Hepworth, Ontario: Wiarton Willies heart 0
Day 86 Hepworth to Wasaga Beach, Ontario heart 0
Day 87 Wasaga Beach to Cookstown, Ontario heart 0
Day 88 Cookstown to Kleinburg, Ontario: Birthday Balloon! heart 0
Day 89 Kleinburg to Toronto, Ontario: Zombies? heart 0
Day 90 Toronto, Ontario: United Nations heart 0
Day 91 Toronto, Ontario: Bold Color heart 0
Day 92 Toronto, Ontario: Cityscape heart 0
Day 93 Toronto, Ontario: Car Free! heart 0
Day 94 Toronto to Darlington Provincial Park, Ontario: Busted! heart 0
Day 95 Darlington to Port Hope, Ontario: Drowned Rats! heart 0
Day 96 Port Hope to Salem, Ontario: The Sin of Avarice heart 0
Day 97 Salem to Adolphustown, Ontario heart 0
Day 98 Adolphustown to Ivy Lea, Ontario: St. Lawrence River! heart 0
Day 99 Ivy Lea to Johnstown, Ontario: Ok, you're divorced! heart 0
Day 100 Johnstown to Spencerville Ontario, and back heart 0
Day 101 Johnstown to Cornwall, Ontario heart 0
Day 102 Cornwall Ontario to Montreal Quebec: Montreal!!! Enfin nous sommes ici! heart 0
Day 103 Montreal: It's Not Over 'Till It's Over heart 0
Day 104 Montreal, Quebec: Boxed In? heart 0
Day 105 Montreal: Tai-ko heart 0
Day 106 Montreal: Walk and Eat (Repeat) heart 0
Day 107 Montreal, Quebec: Cycling Revolution heart 0
Day 108 Montreal, Quebec: Back to 1860 heart 0
Day 109 Montreal: Ready to Go, Again heart 0
Day 110 Montreal to Louiseville, Quebec: Le Chemin du Roy - The King's Road heart 0
Day 111 Louiseville to Batiscan, Quebec heart 0
Day 112 Batiscan to St Augustin, Quebec heart 0
Day 113 Quebec, Quebec heart 0
Day 114 Quebec to on the trail to St Agapit, Quebec: Sad Goodbye to Jack Layton heart 0
Day 115 St. Agapit to Victoriaville, Quebec: Cadillac of Bike Paths heart 0
Day 116 Victoriaville to Richmond, Quebec: Deja Vu heart 0
Day 117 Richmond to Granby, Quebec heart 0
Day 118 Granby to Montreal, Quebec: Spaghetti! heart 0
Day 119 Montreal, Quebec: Like a Local Now (Almost) heart 0
Day 120 Montreal, Quebec: Kouign Amann ? heart 0
Day 121 Montreal, Quebec heart 0
Day 122 Montreal, Quebec: Return to the Mother Ship heart 0
Day 123 Montreal, Quebec: Steame ou Toaste heart 0
Day 124 Montreal to Kirkland, Quebec (and back): Play that for me one more time heart 0
Day 125 Montreal, Quebec heart 0
Day 126 Montreal, Quebec heart 0
Day 127 Montreal, Quebec: Still Fascinated in the Plateau District heart 0
Day 128 Montreal, Quebec: Last Chance to See and Taste heart 0
Day 129 Montreal, Quebec: Hah, snuck in one more bakery, one more bike shop, and one more Amelia snuggle! heart 0
Day 130 Montreal, Quebec to Plattsburgh, New York heart 0
Day 131 Plattsburgh to Westport, New York: A Hard Slog heart 0
Day 132 Westport to Bolton's Landing, New York: Tired, but what a ride! heart 0
Day 133 Bolton Landing to Saratoga Springs, New York: Cruising on In heart 0
Day 134 Saratoga Springs to Schenectady, New York: We take our life skills out for a spin heart 0
Day 135 Schenectady, New York to (somewhere West!): All Aboard! heart 0
Day 136 Amtrak to Chicago and Beyond heart 0
Day 137 The Prairies: Havre Homecoming heart 0
Day 138 Somewhere in Montana to Kitsap Memorial State Park, Washington: We sneak onto the coast under Stevens Pass heart 0
Day 139 Kitsap Memorial State Park to Port Angeles, Washington: The Black Hole heart 0
Day 140 Port Angeles, Washington to Cobble Hill, BC: We Made It! heart 0
Day 141 Cobble Hill, BC: What We Learned heart 0
What It Cost: Worth Every Penny! heart 0
Flash: Grampies on the Go renewed for another season.: We fold our bikes and head for Europe heart 0