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From Grampies on the Go by Steve Miller/Grampies

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Steve Miller/Grampies replied to a comment by Marsha Abbott on Day 25 Wallace to Mullan, Idaho

Hi Marsha, that's a wonderful story. Even though 10 years have passed, our time in your grandfather's store is clear in our memory. We did return a few times, and once did manage to say hello to Nancy and Peder. Sadly we later learned that Harley had died, and after that could get no further email responses from the Johansens. Do you know what is happening at the store in the present? One time when we returned, Dan White seemed to be installing a bowling alley nearby. I wonder what happened with that?

1 year ago
Marsha Abbott commented on Day 25 Wallace to Mullan, Idaho

The Drug Store you visited in Mullan, Idaho was my Grandfather's Drug Store. Harwoods Drug Store, owned by pharmacist Arthur J. Harwood was the quintessential old fashioned Rexall Drug complete with ice cream counter (serving hard ice cream, malts & milkshakes, handmade sodas, cherry coke & Green Rivers) and penny candy bins circa... It's A Wonderful Life. Unfortunately, when he died, the store was sold to an investor who, instead of preserving the multitude of historical artifacts, sold them to various buyers around the country. That included penny candy bins, the marble topped ice cream counter, display counters, pharmacy counter & shelves, vintage grandfather clock, & old fashioned cash registers etc. It was gutted. Harwoods was a going concern. I can still hear the sound of the screen door closing on a beautiful summer day. Art had 4 children. I am the daughter of one of his daughters. My childhood summers were spent in Mullan, swimming in the outdoor pool (no heating...just mountain water), picking huckleberries, and hoping Gramps would let me rearrange his jewelry counter (again). Loved your story.

1 year ago