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September 1, 2011

Day 124 Montreal to Kirkland, Quebec (and back): Play that for me one more time

When we came in to Montreal from the west (Toronto) end we mightily enjoyed the bikeway along the Lachine Canal, the views of the Montreal skyline, and passing through the Old Port (Vieux Montreal). The whole thing was "dampened" a bit, though, because it was pouring rain.

Today we got a chance to replay the experience, as we headed back West to visit cousin Joe, his wife Sandra, and daughter Amabelle. Joe and family live about 3/4 of the way from downtown to the Western edge of the Island of Montreal.

We jumped back on the Route Verte 5, which conveniently runs by the bottom of Josh and Sabrina's street, and began to head West. In the early morning, in fact at any time, the downtown bike routes are heavily used. Here we had to join a lineup of cycles - almost like cars.

Traffic jam on Route Verte 5
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In time for Expo 67 the middle eastern inspired housing complex Habitat was created. The format is boxes piled on top of each other. In this view it looks ragged, like the damaged Death Star. Lots of Montreal buildings (those that don't look like they belong in the Vatican) look like the damaged Death Star.

Habitat 67 looking like the damaged Death Star
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Out on the bike path we again enjoyed the thrill of cruising with no cars and with water views.

A random shot of the Lachine Canal and bike path
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Signage on the route leading West had a few glitches not found in the Eastbound direction. At one point we got derailed onto a 1/2 km long peninsula between the canal and the river that was a park filled with (to me) goofy rock and iron sculptures.

Goofy sculpture park along the way
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Sort of lead footed sculptures
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Eventually we passed through the town of Pointe Claire and soon made our way to cousin Joe's house, just west of that.

The part of Pointe Claire town along the water
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We sat in the back garden and had a most enjoyable three hour get together. The bike routes make the "commute" to the city so easy that we really felt no pressure to set off on the return trip.

Grampies plus Sandra, Joe, and Amabelle
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Of course those in cars are not so lucky. I am not saying we beat them home, but we arrived in the city totally relaxed. I be they did not!

Ha ha, we completely avoid this type of mess when on bike paths
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On our first time through, we passed the Old Port in the rain and saw little. This time we saw a bit more, but still did not stop to check out the side streets. We do hope to do that before we have to leave.

One of many caleches in Old Montreal
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The Bonsecours Market building looks like something out of the the film The Golden Compass
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How dramatic is this! (I bet it also gets good TV reception.)
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Today's ride: 76 km (47 miles)
Total: 6,991 km (4,341 miles)

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