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April 25, 2011

The best laid plans...: can be altered by an email

0100: The plan was to leave Missoula early in the morning and head home detouring along the side road that goes to Plummer and the bike path of the Coeur d'Alene to check out the road we will have to bike to get to the Trail. We now intend to follow this trail and thus avoid having to climb and descend the 4th of July Pass. We decided on this slight route change yesterday as we were packing up our stuff to take back home.

Or at least this was the plan when we went to sleep 3 hours ago (it is now 1 am). Why the uncertainty? Dodie just woke out of a sound sleep to check the computer for email (always have had a certain level of intuition) and !!!!!!! have one from son in Montreal who reports that our daughter in law is in the hospital and may be having Grandchild # 3 within the next few hours. Will I sleep soundly until he calls?? Unlikely. Will we still leave early if he hasn't called yet? NOT A CHANCE!!!!!!.

Next update will be "THE NEWS"

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