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September 4, 2011

Day 127 Montreal, Quebec: Still Fascinated in the Plateau District

Of 156 pages to this blog, 15 or just under 10% have "Montreal" in their title. So maybe you are thinking this tour has been in and around Montreal long enough. Don't tell that to Amelia! And as you can see from this photo, there are still people fighting over who gets to wheel her stroller about:

Josh has to fight for any time strollering his own baby!
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Not only has Amelia retained her fascination for us, but the district of the city, known as the Plateau, where we are is still a playground that earns its 10% billing. We headed out today for another look. This is kind of a random treat:

How about this one, cycle fans?
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Up on Mt Royal street the long weekend sidewalk sale continues, and was very well attended.

A corner Starbucks presented an an opportunity to squeeze in among the MacBook wielding hipsters and a little inadvertently introduce Amelia to the place.

Amelia get introduced to Starbucks. She seems to like this Java Chip Frappucino with one pump of Peppermint.
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The sidewalk sale was mostly a chance to walk among the people, but some stuff was pretty catchy:

These costly used shoes attracted Josh's attention but were too small.
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We struck off down St Denis, which is a slightly upscale shopping street:

The whole street makes for a great strolling experience
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However another turn brought us past Frites Alors.

Frites Alors
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The name is a play on Zut Alors, which is a mild French expletive. Frites, of course, are french fries. The menu posted on the window covered hamburgers and poutine, but wow, even one of our French friends was not entirely sure what they were talking about.

The hamburger menu of a "french" snack bar. A number of the choices are a mystery.
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The Poutine choices are equally "sophisticated".
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Our target as we swung back towards home was a crepes restaurant. The crepe Bretonne, already mentioned from when we were in Quebec City, is a large thin slightly crispy pancake that is folded over a wide range of savoury or sweet fillings. My choice this day was mushroom and aparagus

My Crepe Breton
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Inside the crepe the mushrooms and asparagus are first rate
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Our final sight for the evening was a long lineup of people at another poutine restaurant. The attraction of this stuff is just downright incomprehensible!

People line up for Poutine. Weird!
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