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May 31, 2011

Day 31 Missoula, Montana: Set to Go (Again)  (Almost)

We showed up early at Open Road Bicycles, but not so early as to have it appear that we were at all ANXIOUS about our wheel.

Open Road is now Open, and we may be in business!
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We need not have worried, Sam and Matt had it ready to go.

Dodie and Sam, of Open Road Cycles, with the new wheel. Note that Dodie still clutches four new replacement spokes, just in case.
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This was really great service, since all the other shops would have taken one to three days longer.

I am not sure exactly how we frittered away the rest of the day, though visits to REI and Walmart seem to come to mind. In the end I found myself cleaning chains and installing new brake pads as the light failed. Our stuff has also migrated all over the house, so there is work to do to get ready to go. Still, we are aiming for early tomorrow morning, so we should be generating additional adventures to write about pronto.

Possibly the last of the mandatory Avi and Violet photos for now:

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Conan and Violet
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And goodbye to the land of the Coeur d'Alenes and the city of bicycle lanes.

My bumper sticker from the trail is now on my top tube.
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