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June 3, 2011

Day 34 Lincoln, Montana

The forecast calls for rain and wind today, but sun tomorrow. So we will stick here one day.

HMM, we will need to hide out one day more.
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We did put on our rain gear and sallied forth to see the town. The town is really just a row of motels and businesses along the highway, but it does in principle have everything. That is, a grocery, several restaurants, a bank, a hair salon, a hardware store, and even two real estate offices.

Main street, Lincoln, Montana
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Lacking was a place to buy a bike computer, or even a hair dryer to try to save the Planet Bike again.The hardware store did have some silicone spray, so we will continue our lame program of trying to improve the water resistance of the rain jackets.

The reason people come to town.
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The motel owner directed us to the Bootlegger Casino for breakfast. When we got there, it just didn't look breakfasty. But the hardware lady assured us it was not only the best place, it was the only place! We are not drinkers and so have little exposure to "pubs" in Canada, but we do know there is such a thing as "pub food". We just never before have gone to so many bar/casinos for breakfast. At 10:30 a.m. they had a fair number of beer drinkers in there too.

Breakfast hot spot?
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As advertised, the serving sizes were large. The plates also included enormous gobs of butter. Dodie had to ditch hers in a napkin. gives the adult obesity rate here as 21%, still less than the Montana average of 23%.

Breakfast hot spot II. There seems to be no "Chez Cora" in town!
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Not sure exactly what they did to this bacon, but actually it was fairly edible.
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For our part, we have stocked up on some additional native (US) food. We are sure it will be great after 5 hours on the bikes. The situation will of course be exactly the same in Canada. Maybe next time we will report from Mexico or France!

Local food.
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