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August 17, 2011

Day 109 Montreal: Ready to Go, Again

It's amazing how your tightly organized gear can spread out when it gets near a motel, let alone a family home. Today we gathered it back in and made sure all the electric gizmos were fully charged. Then we had a look at the Route Verte book and website, thinking to write up some cue sheets. However the routes shown in the book dipsy doodle a lot, and the book's scale is such that you can not see the street names for the dipsys and the doodles. The web site is capable of this, but is too slow to be of much use.

Our answer will be to rely to some extent on the signs, but also to make our own route when it seems advisable. The creators of the official route (like, I think, the Adventure Cycling people) are not explicit about their criteria. Do they send you off on some tangent because they are avoiding something like an impassable to bikes overpass, or did they just think you would enjoy climbing some nearby hill or stopping in at an info centre. We have definitely seen it like that, with the Waterfront Trail.

It is also true that there is almost no camping along the route, and not that many motels. Glenn (oldmanonabike) only found a couple, and Google seems to confirm that.

Our only other activity today was a walk to a grocery store. However, like Crocodile Dundee in New York it allowed me to learn a bit more about city life. "Look Sabrina" I said, "that lady sure has a funny body shape - so tall and with broad shoulders, with the rest being very narrow". "Errmm", says Sabrina, "only thing, that is not actually a lady". Next, in the Dollar Store, I found a nice wallet - not the one emblazoned "Legalize It" but the one with rainbow colours. "Nope", said Sabrina, "you can't buy that one either". Hmmm. I think it's time to get back on my bike!

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