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May 26, 2011

Day 26 Mullan, Idaho: Rest Cure

We woke up as usual at 5 a.m., but this time in our huge, wood heated, Mullan retreat. We had watched the storm in the night, but expected all would be well by morning. However, here is the view out our door:

The view from home.
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Our street is "a little damp".
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Nancy arrived about 7, bringing the local paper with news of flooded roads down in the Valley. She also reported that conditions were nasty on the Pass. Here is what the web cam showed:

The Pass: nasty.
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So we are tough, right? It's just water (maybe slightly frozen), right? Well yes, but Nancy had an offer. Stay another day and Dodie could do some "warping" in the studio. This apparently does not have to do with spaceships, but Dodie and Nancy seemed to understand it. I also could straighten out a computer problem for Nancy. Tomorrow would be soon enough to think about rain and passes. The wood stove still has a good supply of logs beside it, and Nancy had a carton of fresh eggs. Readers by now will be getting the drift. We may be "crazyguys" but we can recognize a warm wood stove when we feel one!

One of Nancy's many activities is to teach weaving to local high school students. Here are three of them at work today, together with their teacher, Mrs. Bair:

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Arme and Lexi
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Kaitlin, at a loom made from oak from Harley's family farm in Wisconsin. The gears are salvaged from farm machinery.
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Teacher Mary Jane Bair and Kaitlin.
Mary Jane has the 6th Street Gallery in Wallace, where Peder's work is available for purchase!
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According to today's Shoshone News-Press we are not the only ones waiting out the rain.
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During the day there were periods of a bit of clearing, but also some snow, even down here at Mullan, and some heavy rain. We were completely immune to all this, perched around the wood stove or napping in the comfy bed.

In the evening, we shared a dinner made by Nancy with Harley and Peder and Dan White. Dan is the owner of the only motel in Mullan, the Lookout Motel. The Lookout is right at the start of the Trail of the Coeur d'Alene and is a great deal for practical cyclists. The cost is less than 1/3 of the places in Wallace!

We stayed up talking way late into the night - like 10 p.m. In parts of our former lives, we would do computer work until 3 a.m. But that was then and this is a bike tour. Wake up time seems to naturally be 5 a.m., when it gets light. So that makes bed time!

Lookout Motel in Mullan. A practical option at the start of the Trail.
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