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August 29, 2011

Day 121 Montreal, Quebec

We grabbed Amelia and set off for a circuit of the bike shops, looking for spacers for forks and dropouts with a view to packing when we get to Schenectady. We did come up with some so we think we are ok on that angle.

Super cute Amelia attracts attention from passers-by.
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Looking again at the prospect of cycling from Seattle to Tsawwassen, we saw that there is no really good way to do it. In the end, I-5 is the safest road for much of the distance, which does not say much! So we have decided to go instead to Port Angeles, on the Olympic Peninsula, and take the Blackball Ferry to Victoria. It will be a shorter trip, and the roads seem to have paved shoulders.

Gaaack. After Quebec, looking again at the bicycle unfriendliness of the Seattle area is a shock.

We still have lots of days left in Montreal, because of the objective of spending the Labour Day weekend with the kids here. That means lots more bakeries, churches, and bike paths. Since we think we have covered these pretty well in our earlier week here, we will only put into the blog things that are a little different or extra super. Tomorrow should yield something like that, since the extra super Atwater Market is on our agenda!

Last night I read Jeff Arnim's final entry (Between the Ends of America - on Crazyguy) to the family here. He is such a good writer. And the plot is good too. At the risk of spoiling it, I must report that he proposes to Desiree, and she accepts!

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