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April 29, 2011

Dogs and Bikes

Dogs: We spent some time figuring out how to become quick draw artists with our cans of Halt. Dodie rigged some velcro loops to hang the cans on within easy reach. But could we beat a fast dog to the draw? What about with the adrenaline flowing?

So picture this scene. Dodie circling me on the bike, barking and growling. I say "Bad Dog!" "Sit!". No good, she snarls menacingly. Fighting to stay calm, I draw my weapon, spin it in my hand to avoid spraying myself in the face (gotta remember that!) and zap her. Only this time I don't press the trigger.I am ready. After Dodie, the real thing will seem tame.

Bikes: Biking to Montreal means getting on a Trek or Rocky Mountain or something and pedaling, right? Well, only in our CGOAB world. I phoned the credit card company yesterday to let them know we(and our cards) could be expected to show up in a bunch of weird places. I told the lady we were "Biking to Montreal". She said, oh, what kind of bike do I have? "Just some hybrid commuter bike" I replied. She accepted this, but when we turned to discussing Dodie's card she said "Oh, she will be in the passenger seat" "No", I said, "She has her own bike". "Wow" was the reply, "You both have bikes". So I am thinking this lady is not too bright and I hope she really knows what to do about our cards. It wasn't until I hung up that Dodie pointed out who was really not too bright. Well at least give me credit for focus. The only "bike" that means anything to me has pedals!

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