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Poking Around Europe 2.0

Riding through Germany, Austria and Switzerland

By Kathleen Classen & Keith Classen
2,724 km (1,692 miles) over 63 days between Aug. 25, 2015 and Oct. 26, 2015
Getting Ready to Go: Boxing bikes and measuring panniers heart 1
Victoria to Montreal: A Smooth Journey heart 1
Day One in Montreal: Lots of Walking heart 1
Montreal Day Two: Chocolate, Art and Shopping heart 1
Montreal Day Three: Artist, Archaeology and Aztecs heart 1
Montreal Day Four: Hijinks, Hockey and Happily Ever After heart 1
Montreal Day Five: Fruits, Vegetables and an Olympic Stadium heart 1
Montreal Day Six: Fine Dining heart 1
Montreal to Frankfurt: Biking and Smoked Meat heart 1
Frankfurt: Easier the Second Time Around heart 1
Frankfurt to Seligenstadt: Minor Hiccups Getting Started heart 1
Seligenstadt to Kreuzwertheim: Meandering up the Main heart 2
Kreuzwertheim to Wurzburg: Never sleep with a Sharpie heart 1
Wurzburg to Kitzingen: Exploring Wurzburg heart 1
Kitzingen to Ottendorf: A Little Bit of Everything heart 1
Ottendorf to Bamberg: From Wine Country to Beer Country heart 1
Bamberg: Beer Wine and Bicycle Shops heart 1
Bamberg to Nuremberg: Canal Riding and an Imperial Palace heart 1
Nuremberg: Old Town, Art Treasures and a Flea Market heart 1
Nuremberg to Neumarkt: A Random Act of Kindness heart 1
Neumarkt to Dietfurt: Farms, Canals and Ice Cream heart 1
Dietfurt to Regensberg: Familiar Territory heart 1
Regensburg to Straubing: Monuments and Care Homes heart 1
Straubing to Hofkirchen: Boxing Match and Tuna Fish heart 1
Hofkirchen to Passau: Losing Each Other Between Earth and Mars heart 2
Passau to Kasten: A Great Deal of Walking, A Wee Bit of Cycling heart 1
Kasten to Linz: Gute Fahrt on the Danube heart 1
Linz to Grein: How to Put Air in a Tire in Austria heart 1
Grein to Melk: Beer, Sunshine and Tailwinds heart 1
Melk to Angern: Wine and Vines heart 1
Angern to Vienna: A Quick Ride to Vienna heart 1
Vienna: Tourist Central heart 1
Vienna to Passau: Trains and Police Officers heart 1
Passau to Obernberg: Ducks, Puppies and Cows heart 1
Obernberg to Burghausen: Very Moving Encounters heart 1
Burghausen to Salzburg: A Navigational Hiccup on a Steep Logging Road heart 1
Salzburg: A Fortress and a Great Deal of Walking heart 1
Salzburg to Bischofshofen: Herbert Was Right! heart 2
Bischofshofen to Zell am See: Hills, Views and a Pool heart 1
Zell am See to Waidring: Cows on the Highway heart 1
Waidring to Kramsach: An Up and Down Day heart 1
Kramsach to Innsbruck: Into Every Tour a Little Rain Must Fall...But Just a Little heart 1
Innsbruck: Wow! heart 1
Innsbruck: Churches, a Palace and Shopping heart 1
Innsbruck to Bad Tolz: A Great Downhill Ride...and Surprise! Mostly Dry! But Ending Very Wet. heart 1
Bad Tolz to Bad Kohlgrub: Hills and Horses heart 1
Bad Kohlgrub to Nesselwang: Mud Baths and More Rolling Hills heart 1
Nesselwang to Oberstaufen: We Were Lucky to Make It! heart 1
Oberstaufen to Lindau: What is a hill?? heart 1
Lindau: Viktoria, Victoria heart 1
Lindau to Kreuzlingen: Technical Difficulties Result in Navigational Hiccup heart 1
Kreuzlingen to Neukirch: A Flat Tire and a Change in Route heart 1
Neunkirch to Laufenburg: An Unexpected Day heart 1
Laufenburg to Rheinfelden: Raclette to Warm Us Up heart 1
Rheinfelden to Auggen: Hills and Vineyards heart 1
Auggen to Freiburg: Wine Country heart 1
Freiburg to Ringsheim: Babies are Beautiful and for Loving heart 1
Ringsheim to Achern: Sunshine, Apples, Pumpkins and Tulips! heart 1
Achern to Karlsruhe: Sunshine, Vineyards and We Didn't Stay in Ettlingen heart 1
Karlsruhe to Heidelberg: An Old and Crooked Hotel heart 1
Heidelberg: Castle and Shopping heart 1
Heidelberg to Darmstadt: A Great Day to Ride heart 1
Darmstadt to Frankfurt Airport: We Closed the Loop heart 1
Frankfurt to Victoria: Heading Home heart 1
Reflections: What a Ride! heart 1
Keith's Reflections: Final Thoughts heart 1