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Poking Around Europe 2.0

Riding through Germany, Austria and Switzerland

By Kathleen Classen
2,724 km (1,692 miles) over 63 days between Aug. 25, 2015 and Oct. 26, 2015
Getting Ready to Go: Boxing bikes and measuring panniers heart 1
Victoria to Montreal: A Smooth Journey heart 1
Day One in Montreal: Lots of Walking heart 1
Montreal Day Two: Chocolate, Art and Shopping heart 1
Montreal Day Three: Artist, Archaeology and Aztecs heart 1
Montreal Day Four: Hijinks, Hockey and Happily Ever After heart 1
Montreal Day Five: Fruits, Vegetables and an Olympic Stadium heart 1
Montreal Day Six: Fine Dining heart 1
Montreal to Frankfurt: Biking and Smoked Meat heart 1
Frankfurt: Easier the Second Time Around heart 1
Frankfurt to Seligenstadt: Minor Hiccups Getting Started heart 1
Seligenstadt to Kreuzwertheim: Meandering up the Main heart 2
Kreuzwertheim to Wurzburg: Never sleep with a Sharpie heart 1
Wurzburg to Kitzingen: Exploring Wurzburg heart 1
Kitzingen to Ottendorf: A Little Bit of Everything heart 1
Ottendorf to Bamberg: From Wine Country to Beer Country heart 1
Bamberg: Beer Wine and Bicycle Shops heart 1
Bamberg to Nuremberg: Canal Riding and an Imperial Palace heart 1
Nuremberg: Old Town, Art Treasures and a Flea Market heart 1
Nuremberg to Neumarkt: A Random Act of Kindness heart 1
Neumarkt to Dietfurt: Farms, Canals and Ice Cream heart 1
Dietfurt to Regensberg: Familiar Territory heart 1
Regensburg to Straubing: Monuments and Care Homes heart 1
Straubing to Hofkirchen: Boxing Match and Tuna Fish heart 1
Hofkirchen to Passau: Losing Each Other Between Earth and Mars heart 2
Passau to Kasten: A Great Deal of Walking, A Wee Bit of Cycling heart 1
Kasten to Linz: Gute Fahrt on the Danube heart 1
Linz to Grein: How to Put Air in a Tire in Austria heart 1
Grein to Melk: Beer, Sunshine and Tailwinds heart 1
Melk to Angern: Wine and Vines heart 1
Angern to Vienna: A Quick Ride to Vienna heart 1
Vienna: Tourist Central heart 1
Vienna to Passau: Trains and Police Officers heart 1
Passau to Obernberg: Ducks, Puppies and Cows heart 1
Obernberg to Burghausen: Very Moving Encounters heart 1
Burghausen to Salzburg: A Navigational Hiccup on a Steep Logging Road heart 1
Salzburg: A Fortress and a Great Deal of Walking heart 1
Salzburg to Bischofshofen: Herbert Was Right! heart 2
Bischofshofen to Zell am See: Hills, Views and a Pool heart 1
Zell am See to Waidring: Cows on the Highway heart 1
Waidring to Kramsach: An Up and Down Day heart 1
Kramsach to Innsbruck: Into Every Tour a Little Rain Must Fall...But Just a Little heart 1
Innsbruck: Wow! heart 1
Innsbruck: Churches, a Palace and Shopping heart 1
Innsbruck to Bad Tolz: A Great Downhill Ride...and Surprise! Mostly Dry! But Ending Very Wet. heart 1
Bad Tolz to Bad Kohlgrub: Hills and Horses heart 1
Bad Kohlgrub to Nesselwang: Mud Baths and More Rolling Hills heart 1
Nesselwang to Oberstaufen: We Were Lucky to Make It! heart 1
Oberstaufen to Lindau: What is a hill?? heart 1
Lindau: Viktoria, Victoria heart 1
Lindau to Kreuzlingen: Technical Difficulties Result in Navigational Hiccup heart 1
Kreuzlingen to Neukirch: A Flat Tire and a Change in Route heart 1
Neunkirch to Laufenburg: An Unexpected Day heart 1
Laufenburg to Rheinfelden: Raclette to Warm Us Up heart 1
Rheinfelden to Auggen: Hills and Vineyards heart 1
Auggen to Freiburg: Wine Country heart 1
Freiburg to Ringsheim: Babies are Beautiful and for Loving heart 1
Ringsheim to Achern: Sunshine, Apples, Pumpkins and Tulips! heart 1
Achern to Karlsruhe: Sunshine, Vineyards and We Didn't Stay in Ettlingen heart 1
Karlsruhe to Heidelberg: An Old and Crooked Hotel heart 1
Heidelberg: Castle and Shopping heart 1
Heidelberg to Darmstadt: A Great Day to Ride heart 1
Darmstadt to Frankfurt Airport: We Closed the Loop heart 1
Frankfurt to Victoria: Heading Home heart 1
Reflections: What a Ride! heart 0
Keith's Reflections: Final Thoughts heart 1