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From Bavaria to the Baltic Sea and Back

A round trip on our e-bikes

By Suzanne Gibson
2,673 km (1,660 miles) over 57 days between May 16, 2011 and Jul. 11, 2011
Introducton: The bikes, their riders and the route heart 3
Munich - Schrobenhausen: We ditch the camping gear heart 12
Schrobenhausen - Solnhofen: We cross the Danube heart 20
Solnhofen - Ornbau: We've been here before heart 19
Ornbau - Uffenheim: We cross a watershed heart 16
Uffenheim - Himmelstadt: We are in heaven heart 19
Himmelstadt - Obersinn: Stopped by an act of nature heart 23
Obersinn - Fulda: We cross the Rhon heart 17
Fulda - Bad Hersfeld: We stay in a youth hostel heart 20
Bad Hersfeld - Melsungen: We get lost heart 23
Melsungen - Kassel: We reach our first goal heart 16
Kassel - Lippoldsberg: We switch from the Fulda to the Weser heart 23
Lippoldsberg - Holzminden: We have sun in the morning and rain in the evening heart 17
Holzminden - Hessisch Oldendorf: Janos shaves off his moustache heart 34
Hessisch Oldendorf - Ovenstadt: We survive a holiday heart 20
Ovenstadt - Bucken: We survive hot, flat and windy heart 18
Bucken - Mahndorf: We're almost in Bremen heart 13
Mahndorf - Bremen: We reach Bremen and stay a while heart 20
Bremen - Bremervorde: We ride across the Devil's Bog heart 16
Bremervorde - Glucksstadt: We are faster than the cars heart 24
Gluckstadt - Bad Segeberg: We are slowed down heart 6
Bad Segeberg - Lubeck: We reach Lubeck and stay a while heart 35
Lubeck - Wismar: We leave 'West Germany' heart 25
Wismar - Kuhlungsborn: We see the sea heart 12
Kuhlungsborn - Wustrow: We are powered by the wind heart 20
Wustrow - Klausdorf: We get caught in the rain more than once heart 22
Klausdorf - Stralsund: We see the new Stralsund heart 23
Stralsund - Greifswald: We avoid cobblestones with a detour heart 16
Greifswald - Zempin: We return to the coast heart 7
Zempin - Ueckermunde: We leave the island heart 7
Ueckermunde - Penkun: Lucky again heart 16
Penkun - Stolpe: The tour de detour heart 11
Stolpe - Reitwein: A break in the monotony heart 10
Reitwein - Ragow: We set our sights on Dresden heart 7
Ragow - Altdobern: Longest day, hottest day heart 6
Altdobern - Radeburg: Another hot day heart 7
Radeburg - Dresden: A short ride to Dresden heart 21
Dresden - Decin: We follow the Elbe heart 28
Decin - Theresienstadt/Terezin: Enough of this heart 9
Theresienstadt/Terezin - Kralupy: A strange breakfast heart 5
Kralupy - Eger: An easy solution heart 9
Eger - Windischeschenbach: Back in Bavaria heart 16
Windischeschenbach - Schwandorf: Almost took the train heart 15
Schwandorf - Kelheim: Hello, old friend Danube heart 11
Kelheim - Pfaffenhofen: Almost there heart 9
Pfaffenhofen - Munchen: Last day on the road heart 9