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Three Seasons Around France: Summer

Dover to Plymouth

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
2,590 miles (4,168 km) over 91 days between Jun. 13, 2022 and Sep. 11, 2022

Up the east side

Here’s that rainy day heart 15
To Dover heart 181
In Dover: the North Downs heart 57
To Canterbury heart 111
In Canterbury: a trip to the LBS heart 73
In Canterbury: a walk in the Kent Downs heart 77
In Canterbury: a ride in the Kent Downs heart 59
In Canterbury: North Sea loop heart 72
To Rochester heart 93
To Maldon heart 72
In Maldon: a walk along the estuary heart 81
To Ipswitch heart 83
In Ipswitch: the Felixstowe Ferry heart 72
To Bury St Edmunds heart 102
In Bury St Edmunds: Mendelsham OAB heart 71
In Bury St Edmunds: the loop to the south heart 111
In Bury St Edmunds: the loop to the west heart 60
To Ely heart 62
In Ely: OAB to the west heart 38
In Ely: to the south, one way heart 78
In Ely: to the south, another way heart 38
To Peterborough heart 84
in Peterborough: an OAB into Northamptonshire heart 58
To Boston heart 98
Counting counties & AONB’s heart 8
In Boston: riverwalk heart 113
To Louth heart 109
In Louth: a loop through the Lincolnshire Wolds heart 49
To Kingston Upon Hull heart 67
To Flamborough heart 75
In Flamborough: Seabird City heart 83
To Pickering heart 59
In Pickering: the North York Moors heart 118
In Whitby: The Queen’s Relay heart 81
To Whitby heart 86

Across the top

Coast to Coast heart 9
To Great Ayton heart 124
To Richmond heart 37
In Richmond: an OAB south heart 63
In Richmond: Egglestone Abbey heart 79
To Hawes heart 59
In Hawes: a hike/bike in the Yorkshire Dales heart 152
In Hawes: Waldendale heart 118
To Kirkby Stephen heart 102
To Penrith heart 73
In Penrith: around Ullswater heart 155
To Keswick heart 120
In Keswick: A delivery from Directsight heart 46
In Keswick: Rachael’s hike to Walla Crag heart 43
In Keswick: Skirting Skiddaw heart 99
In Keswick: Buttermere & the Catbells heart 133
To Whitehaven heart 82
In Whitehaven: a photo gallery heart 58
To Nether Wasdale heart 93
In Nether Wasdale: washout heart 11
To Ulverston heart 130
In Ulverston: the Furness Peninsula heart 79

The southwest

To Conwy heart 72
In Conwy: Penrhyn Castle heart 76
In Conwy: Snowdonia National Park heart 89
A (hopefully brief) descent into Hell heart 45
In Conwy: walking the walls heart 70
In Conwy: up the river heart 35
In Conwy: Early Morning Hike heart 60
To Shrewsbury: in threes again heart 34
In Shrewsbury: crisis management heart 87
In Shrewsbury: Ironbridge heart 92
To Ludlow heart 110
In Ludlow: for want of a key, the day was lost heart 145
To Knucklas heart 82
To Rhayader heart 80
In Rhayader: the Elan Valley heart 113
To Hay-on-Wye heart 94
Hay-on-Wye (a photo album) heart 92
To Abergavenny heart 142
In Abergavenny: time out heart 16
In Abergavenny: Sugar Loaf hike heart 122
In Abergavenny: around the Black Mountains heart 121
In Abergavenny: around Skirrid Fawr heart 60
To Thornbury: leaving Wales heart 66
To Malmesbury heart 73
In Malmesbury: hikin’ heart 41
In Malmesbury: bikin’ heart 68
In Malmesbury: lookin’ heart 32
To Marlborough heart 90
In Marlborough: to Avebury heart 107
In Marlborough: working around the rain heart 76
In Marlborough: Berkshire County OAB heart 52
To Salisbury (and Stonehenge) heart 184
In Salisbury: Cranborne Chase AONB heart 110
Salisbury Cathedral (a photo gallery) heart 130
In Salisbury: Harnham Slope heart 85
To Blandford Forum heart 78
In Blandford: Hambledon Hill Hike heart 56
In Blandford: Cerne Abbas OAB heart 98
To Bridport heart 82
In Bridport: the Jurassic Coast heart 148
To Exmouth heart 57
In Exmouth: To Otterton Ledge heart 23
In Exmouth: Mutter’s Moor OAB heart 68
In Exmouth: the Pebblebed Heath loop heart 79
To Plymouth/Hoe Park heart 30
In Plymouth: Long live the king! heart 108
In Plymouth: the elevator walk heart 56
In Plymouth: a hike to the east heart 40
In Plymouth: Pork Hill heart 95
In Plymouth: An easier last ride heart 60
Leaving Britain heart 34