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A Loop around Southeast Asia

Starting and ending in Bangkok

By Susan Shore
2,937 km (1,824 miles) over 100 days between Oct. 23, 2016 and Jan. 30, 2017
Introduction heart 1
The Plan heart 1

Getting Ready

Of visas and flight reservations other travel issues heart 1
Making plans heart 1
The bike heart 1
Packing List heart 0
Final Preparations heart 1
Packing the Bike heart 1
Countdown: Miscellaneous ramblings heart 1
Travel heart 1


Bangkok heart 2
Bangkok to Ayutthaya: By train heart 1
Ayutthaya to Singburi: By bike heart 1
To Uthai Thani heart 1
To Nakhon Sawan: Another hot one heart 1
To Yoongton 24 hour love motel near (but not in) Ban Salok Bat: Beggars can't be choosers heart 1
To Kamphaeng Phet: The early bird does not miss the heat heart 1
Rest day in Kamphaeng Phet: A visit to the historical park heart 1
To Sukhothai: It's supposed to be EZ. heart 1
To Si Satchanalai: A confusing day heart 1
To Wang Chin: Into the hills heart 1
Wang Chin to Lampang: Over the Very Big Hill heart 1
To Lamphun: By bus heart 1

The Noble Silence: Vipassana Medtation Retreat at Dhamma Simanta, Lamphun Province

Day 0: Travel to Dhamma Simanta heart 1
The experience: Days 1 - 9 heart 1
Dhamma Simanta: The facility heart 1
Days 10 and 11: We break silence, the retreat ends, and I bike back to Lamphun heart 1
The other meditators heart 1
Lamphun to Chiang Mai: Time to hit the tourist scene heart 1
Two lazy days in Chiang Mai heart 1
Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao: Into the mountains heart 1
And on to Chai Prakan heart 1
To Tha Ton: To the river heart 1
Boat to Chiang Rai: Why, yes, I'll hire the whole boat heart 1
Sightseeing in Chiang Rai: 2 days heart 2
To Chiang Sean: Golden Triangle area heart 1
To Chiang Khong: Last night in Thailand heart 3
Thailand map heart 1


Into Laos!: Slow boat to Luang Prabang, Day 1 heart 4
Still cruising.....Slow boat to Luang Prabang, Day 2 heart 2
Two days in Luang Prabang heart 1
Luang Prabang to Kasi: By bus. heart 2
Kasi to Vang Vieng by bike heart 1
Vang Vieng to Pele 2 Guest House, about 7 km south of Hinhoeup heart 2
To PhetDao Heung 2 Guest house, 14 km east of Ban Keun heart 1
To Vientiane: City riding heart 1
Laos Map heart 1

Thailand, again

To Nong Khai: Over the bridge and back to Thailand heart 1
Day off in Nong Khai heart 1
To Phon Phisai: Following the Mekong heart 2
Phon Phisai to resort near Ban Hokham heart 1
To Nakhon Phanom heart 1
To That Phanom: A nice, cool ride heart 1
To Mukdahan heart 1
Stay day in Mukdahan heart 2
To Amnat Charoen: Leaving the Mekong heart 1
To Ubon Rathchathani: Hot again! heart 1
To Sisaket: In the heart of Isaan heart 1
To Buri Ram: By train heart 1
To Nang Rong: Cooler and overcast, hurray! heart 1
Sightseeing near Nang Rong: Khmer ruins heart 2
To Non Din Daeng: Slow and easy heart 1
To Ban Khlo Khlang: Meeting the British expats heart 1
Map of second leg in Thailand heart 1


A lift to Aranyaprathet and then a short ride to Poipet: Over the border heart 1
Ride to Sisophon, bus to Siem Reap heart 1
A few days around Siem Reap heart 1
To Battambang: By exceptionally slow and exceptionally interesting boat heart 1
Day off in Battambang heart 1
Battambang to Pailin: Through the Cambodian countryside heart 1
Cambodia map heart 1

Thailand, again, again

To Pong Nam Ron: Back in Thailand heart 1
To Chanthaburi: An early start and a short day heart 1
Rest day in Chanthaburi heart 1
To Trat: My first rainy ride of this trip heart 1
Trat to Ko Mak heart 1
Lazy Island Days: Two days on Ko Mak heart 3
From Island Paradise to Paradise Resort heart 2
To Chao Lao Beach: Riding the beautiful coastal roads heart 3
On to Mae Phim Beach: Don't come here on the weekend heart 2
To Rayong: Enough with the beaches, into the city heart 3
Day off in Rayong heart 1
To Jomtien Beach heart 1
To Daruma Eco Farm Near Chonburi: And a day off at the school/farm heart 1
Back to Bangkok: Train from Bang Phra heart 1
Back to Granny's: The loop is complete. heart 1
Map of third leg in Thailand heart 1

A short trip to the river Kwai

Bangkok to Nam Tok: On the Death Railway heart 1
Day trip to Hellfire Pass heart 1
Nam tok to Kanchanaburi: To the Bridge on the River Kwae Yai heart 1
Back to Bangkok: By train heart 1
Around Bangkok: Getting ready to fly home heart 1

The End

Transit heart 1
Home heart 1