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Rick's Solo Canada to Mexico Adventure

Because what else was there to do this fall.

1,782 miles (2,868 km) over 39 days between Sep. 20, 2018 and Oct. 28, 2018
Rick's Solo Canada to Mexico Adventure heart 7
Made it to Seattle! heart 10
Day 1 The trek south begins heart 7
Day 2 heart 10
Day 3 The tale of two days heart 10
Day 4... A big yellow thing heart 4
Day 5.... A short day heart 5
Day 6 heart 7
Day 7..Bruceport County Park to Seaside heart 10
Day 8...Seaside to Tillamook heart 12
Day 9...Tillamook to Lincoln City heart 13
Day 10....Lincoln City to Newport heart 8
Day 11 Newport to Honeyman State Park heart 3
Day 12...Honeyman SP to North Bend heart 7
Day 13...North Bend to Humbug Mountain SP heart 11
Day 14...Humbug to Harris Beach SP heart 7
Day 15...Brookings Oregon (Harris Beach) to Elk Prairie Campground(Cal) heart 13
Day 16....Elk Prairie to Eureka heart 10
Day 17.....Eureka to Burlington Campground heart 14
Day 18...Humboldt Redwoods SP to Standish Hickey Rec area heart 9
Day 19... Standish Hickey to Casper Beach Campground heart 10
Day 20...Casper Beach to Gualala Point Campground heart 2
Day 21....Gualala Point Campground to Bodega Dunes Campground heart 4
Day 22.. Bodega Dunes to Lagunitas heart 8
Day 23....Nowhere!!! heart 8
Day 24.......in Lagunitas heart 3
Day 25 and 26......relaxing with Jill and sightseeing heart 16
Day 27...Lagunitas to Montara heart 22
Day 28....Montara to New Brighton Beach heart 6
Day 29...New Brighton Beach to Monterey heart 6
Day 30....Monterey to Limekiln State Park heart 10
Day 31....Limekiln State Park to Hearst San Simeon State Park heart 14
Day 32....Hearst San Simeon SP to Pismo Beach Lighthouse Suites heart 10
Day 33....Pismo Beach to Gaviota SP heart 5
Day 34....Gaviota SP to Goleta heart 5
Day 35....Goleta to Sycamore Canyon SP heart 5
Day 36....Sycamore Canyon to Long Beach heart 8
Day 37..Long Beach to Doheny State Park heart 1
Day 38....Doheny Beach SP to La Jolla heart 2
Day 39.....La Jolla to Mexican border heart 5