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Lookin For John Fairweather

Summer in Northern Europe, then South in Autumn

By Sean Kane
15,215 km (9,449 miles) over 328 days between Jun. 4, 2013 and Apr. 27, 2014
My Lot heart 4
Intro: Another Bike-Tour in the Offing heart 6
Prelude: Running the bike in. heart 22
Map: A web search to put me on the right road. heart 3
Material heart 5


One: Good Start Ruined By Absent-mindedness (Home to near Girvin). heart 12
Two: Bonnie Scotland (near Girvin to near Pebble). heart 11
Three: Near Pebble to Edinburgh. heart 5
Four: And it Was All Yellow: Edinburgh to near Berwick upon Tweed. heart 15


Five: Northumberland: near Berwick upon Tweed to near Ainlwick. heart 17
Six: Northumberland Day Two: near Ainlwick to Newcastle. heart 10
Newcastle: A Ride on Stephensons' Rocket: Walk To Gateshead and Back. heart 4
Seven: Durham and North Yorkshire: Newcastle to East Rounton heart 7
Eight: Yorkshire: East Rounton to Wiewang. heart 10
Nine: Yorkshire and Lincolnshire: Wiewang to near Louth. heart 6
Ten: Lincolnshire: Louth to Gedney. heart 5
Eleven: Norfolk: Gedney to near Reepham heart 7
Twelve: Reepham to Norwich heart 3
Thirteen: Norfolk and Sufolk: Norwich to Snape. heart 8
Fourteen: Suffolk and a little Essex: Snape to Harwich. heart 5


Fifteen: Going Dutch: Hoek to near Noordwijk. heart 8
Sixteen: Noordwijk to near Alkrnaar. heart 6
Seventeen: Riding the Polders from Alkmaar to Den Oever. heart 19
Eighteen: Oever to Leeuwarden. heart 5
Nineteen: Leeuwarden to Groningen. heart 4
Groningen heart 4
Twenty: Groningen to Tremurden heart 6


Twenty-one: Tremurden to near Hage heart 11
Twenty-two: Hage to Hagen heart 7
Twenty-three: Hagen to Kellinghusen. heart 5
Twenty-four: Kellinghusen to Flemsburg heart 5


Twenty-five: Flemsburg to Esbjurg heart 8
Twenty-six: Esbjerg to Sondervig. heart 5
Twenty-seven: Sondervig to Fjordvej. heart 3
Twenty-eight: Fjordvej to Hirtshal. heart 6
Awaiting the Ferry in Hirtshals heart 2
Day three in Hirtshals. heart 2
A Ride West.: Hirtshals to Rubjerg and Back. heart 8


A Plan-foolish or brave only time will tell. heart 2
Time For Plan B: Seydisfjordur to Jokulsa-dalur heart 5
Modrudalur: Jokulsa Dalur to Grimstadur. heart 6
Dettifoss: Grimsstadir to near Asbyrgi. heart 5
Night of The Long Shadows: Asbyrgi to Myvatn heart 8
Myvatn: Planning my way across the highlands. heart 5
Stocking up: Reykjahild to Husavik; then Gudafoss heart 5
Inland: Godafoss to Svartarkot; then to Alderjarfoss heart 7
Retreat: Highland campsite to Akureyri heart 6
Where to from here?: Akureyri to Dalvik and beyond, then back to Dalvik. heart 7
Going for the next? (Hope the rain doesn't come.): Back to Akureyri, then Grenivik heart 6
South Side: Genivik to Myvatn heart 4
Should I stay or go: Waiting a change in the weather at Myvatn heart 5
F88: Reykjahild to Herdubreid. heart 4
More F88: Herdubreid to Askja heart 6
Bad Weather: a day in the tent. heart 2
Deep Sand: From Askja towards Bru. heart 8
A Snowy Day: Somewhere on F910 to Egilsstadir heart 10
Day in Egilsstadir heart 3
Summertime, and the livin's easy: Egilsstadir to near Breidudalsvik. heart 8
Here comes the rain again: Near Breidudalsvik to Djupivoger. heart 3
A lot of Water falls at Once.: Rain means no cycling today. heart 2
Good Day-Sunshine (In Around Fjords): Djupivoger to Hofn heart 3
Jokulsarlon: Hofn to Jokulsarlon heart 18
Same But Different: Jokulsarlon to Djupivoger heart 19
Back to the start: Djupivoger to Egilsstadir heart 3
Iceland Ends: Egilsstadir to Seydisfjordur heart 11


Early Start and Long Day.: Larvik to Oslo. heart 5
Oslo Revisited: Riding north from the capital, then east to the Swedish border. heart 11


Dreaming of Beer: The way to Mora heart 10
Escaping Monotomy: Mora to beyond Farlun heart 8
Another World: Near Farlun to Boddbo heart 6
The Long And Winding Road: Boddbo to Uppsala heart 8
Follow The Sun: Uppsala to Stockholm heart 3
Mr President: A day wandering aimlessly in Stockholm. heart 4
I Am Sailing: Ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn. heart 4


To Tallinn heart 6
On The Way To Find Out: Tallinn to Lativian Border heart 7


Karashock: The word on the street in Riga. heart 8
The Old Woman Who Wouldn't Shut-Up: Riga to Barabele. heart 6


Barleycorn: Barabele to near Kupiskis heart 6
The Biggest in Lithuania: Kupiskis to Alanta. heart 8
If Crossing Borders Were Easy: Alanta to Vilnius which I'm soon leaving heart 5


If I Eat Another Donut: Vilnius to Ganne heart 4
I'm Not Lost Mister: Ganne to Radzyn Podlaski heart 4
Autumn Leaves Lift The Spirit (Powerstation Plumes fill the Sky): Radzyn Podlaski to Somewhere beyond Pulawy. heart 3
Words For The Occation: before Annopol to beyond Tarnobrzeg. heart 5
Just Checking The Flowers: the road on to Krakow heart 8
The Trumpeter: Krakow: like, Hotel California: I could check in; but can never leave. heart 12
Waiting A Fix In The Weather: Raining; I Delay Leaving And Go Off To Buy A Map heart 4
Auschwitz-Birkenau: Side Trip To The Nazi Concentration Camps heart 3
Drunk Like A Polish Guy heart 7
Leaving: Krakow to Zakopane: The Long Way heart 5


Spending Those last Zlotys: Zakopane to ski-resort-village on opposite side of mountain (the Slovakian side) heart 8
A Day In A Slovakian Valley: Ski-resort village to Liptovska Sielnica heart 5
To The City Of Reunions: Liptovska Sielnica to Banska Bystrica heart 4
Nocturnal Beings: Banska Bystrica towards border town: Hapy heart 3


Post Haste If I Could: Forest Camp to Budapest heart 2
A Swiss Guy, An Irish Lass, A Swedish Gal And I Hubba Bubbling: The Jewish Quarter is where it happens in Budapest heart 6
Not Now John: Walking Hungary's Answer To The Champ Elysee heart 8
Bridges: Finding Places That Don't Charge Over The odds heart 3
Going South By South West: Budapest to Near Sarbogard heart 4
Short Dimly-Lit Day: Near Sarbogard to 15 km short of Pecs. heart 3
Picture The Scene: From A Wooded Hill Into Pecs. heart 8
Bright And Breezy: Pecs to Pitomaca (Croatia) heart 4


Oh How It Pissed Down: Pitomaca To Zagreb heart 1
People That Cannot Even Empty The Bucket heart 8
I Kiss You! I Kill You! heart 6
A Really Long Way: Planning To Visit A National Park and Looking For Stove Fuel heart 4
Oh Dear: That Man Is Still Here heart 4
Leaving: Zagreb to the hills heart 4
Salty Goulash: The Hills To Village Near Plitvice heart 3
The Icy Road: Guesthouse before Plitvice to Wild Camp 60 KM Onwards heart 4
milder day: wild camp to wild camp-19 km beyond Knin. heart 8
On The Run: 19km From Knin to Split heart 6
Here I Split heart 11
I've Been On This Road Before: Split To Beyond Sestanovac. heart 3

Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Day Time Stopped: Beyond Sestanovac to Mostar. heart 3
Changes: Mostar To Celebici. heart 11
Sugar Break: Celebici To Sarajevo heart 2
The Snorer heart 7
Not Quite The Christmas Update heart 4
Where Have You Been? heart 3
Nobody Ever Thought It Would Happen Here. heart 3
Coming back To Life heart 8
Eight Hour Ride: Return To Mostar heart 3
Whats In The Bags Sir: Mostar To Neum heart 3

Croatia (Again)

Raining: Neun To Dubrovnik heart 7


Sorry No Change And Being Chased By Crazy Guys On Bikes: Dubrovnik To Near Budva heart 4
Oh If Only It Were Summer: Budva To Near Ostres heart 4


So What's The Story: Ostres To Near Tirana heart 4
Not Mean Street: into Tirana heart 4
625 Words For A Rainy Day heart 4
Up Into The Hills: Tirana To Elbasan And Onward To Greek Border heart 7


Enter Greece: South of The Border to Camp in A Field. heart 2
Bugger if I Can Make This Out: 120 Kay Commute from Field Camp to Thessaloniki heart 2
Lost: Thessaloniki to Beyond Arnaia. heart 3
Found: Arnaia to Olive Grove. heart 2
Alone: Olive Grove to Beyond Xanthi. heart 5
Change: Xanthi to Before Alexandroupolis. heart 4


Welcome: Alexandroupolis to Near Kesan (Turkey) heart 3
Escape: Kesan To Near Tekirdag heart 4
INSANE: Thought for The Day: from Tekirdag to Silivri heart 4
DIRE: Someone or Something to Show The Way heart 4
Istanbul: When I'm In I'm In... heart 15
Hearing Myself Think: The Pros and Cons of Hostels heart 2
Chris Crossing heart 7
Final Shots heart 14
Morning Routine heart 7
Towns That End Where Another Begins: Istanbul to Somewhere on D100. heart 2
I Don't Need Hills On The Second Day: Somewhere on D100 to near Sarkoy. heart 4
Entering Asia (Whats The Fuss?): Near Sarkoy to Beyond Canakale. heart 7
An Unhappy Goat And Things Like Beach Clubs: Canakale to near Idremet. heart 6
A Day Made Half Interesting (with a little bike maintenance): Idremet to Bergama. heart 3
Where The Streets Have No Hotels: Bergama to Izmir heart 3
Three Cyclists: Izmir to Selcuk heart 4
Wrong Doers: Selcuk to Orange Grove. heart 4
OK, Corral: Buharkent to Corral Camp. heart 6
Impending Storm: Corral Camp to Korkuteli heart 8
Spinning Recovery: Korkuteli to Antalya. heart 3
Despartly Seeking Coffee: Days Off in Antalya. heart 7
Turning West: Antalya to near Kumluca heart 9
Sunday: Near Kumluca to Beyond Yavu. heart 6
One Wet Afternoon: Yavu to Beyond Fethiya. heart 3
Tuesday: Hilltop Camp to Hilltop Near Marmaris heart 4
Just Wait (Just A little Bit Longer): Hilltop (above a cutting) down to Marmaris and waiting for ferry heart 6


Rhodes: Ferry, then west to wild camp heart 4
Maybe A Little Confusing: Circling Lindos And back To Rhodes (City). heart 6
While Waiting: Last Day in Rhode and The Ferry. heart 3
Gotta Be Crazy: To Cycle in Athens: Piraeus descending into Chaos and is Everyone Mean. heart 5
Unexpectedly Easy: Athens to a Beach Campsite. heart 6
Last Ride In Greece: Beach Camp to Ferry from Patra. heart 4


Italia Good: But With Limitations: Bari to Irsina. heart 4
Bellisima Italia: Irsina to Muro Lucano: Then to Monte Corvina (Tue 18 & Wed 19). heart 8
Pompei: Monte Corvino to Pompei (Thu 20): Ruin Day (Fri 21) heart 8
When in Port of Rome: Pompei to Civilavecchia. heart 5
Huh Bring On The Rain Won't Yeah: Tuesday Arriving in Sardinia Rained Off. Wednesday Rain. And Thursday Raining Again! heart 4


Le Corse: Bonifacio to Propriano. heart 15
Le Corse Deux: Propriano to Ajaccio. heart 5
Wonky Pedal: Journal Of A Brokendown Cycletourer. heart 3
Back on Corse: Ajacciio to Beach Camp (Sagone) heart 7
Bike Time: Beach Camp To Camp By Stream. heart 7
No Ferry Today: Camp By Stream To Near Saint Florent. heart 3
A Wet Start: Saint Florent to Bastia. heart 2
Careful in That Ax En-Provence Sean: Marseille to near St Martigue Via Aix-En-Provence and many places not on my map. heart 5
Provence in the Sun: Martigues to Uzes heart 5
Monday: Uzes to beyond Atlier. heart 4
In The Lozere: Atlier to near Nasbinals heart 8
The Cantal: Nasbinals to beyond Murat. heart 3
There Are Cows Somewhere (I Hear The Bells): Le Lioran To Near Vayrac. heart 4
Flat-Out Across The Dordogne: Vayrac to Bergerac. heart 8
Little England: Bergerac to Rest-Place. heart 6
Rolling With The Colours: Passrac to Niort heart 5
Changing Landscape: Niort to beyond Cholet. heart 13
Final Day Before A Welcome Break: near Cholet to Rennes heart 3
Time Off in Rennes heart 2
Sean's Tour De France: Beaucoup De Longues Journees, Pour La Plupart Ascensions, Mais Avec De Bonne Humeur. heart 2
Bike Spotting: Rennes to Mont St Michel. heart 6
Normandy: Mont St Michel to Cherbourg heart 4
What's Up With This: ....the rest of the way to Cherbourg. Then the ferry. heart 2


In The Dark And In The Rain: Poole to Quarry Camp Nine Miles North of Dorchester. heart 4
Tale Of The Apologetic And Polite: Nine Miles North of Dorchester to Mendip Hills heart 6
A Happy Man Off To Feed Horses: Cheddar To Monmouth. heart 4
Which Way Hay: Monmouth To Preteigne. heart 6
It Rains, It Rains And Rains: Preteigne to beyond Shrewsbury. heart 8
In The Lanes: North of Shrewsbury To Chester. heart 3
Ferry Cross The Mersey: Chester To Liverpool. heart 7
Final Pedal heart 2