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March 21, 2014

When in Port of Rome: Pompei to Civilavecchia.

I was for catching a ferry from Naples to Cal.. in Sardinia, but, I've checked and the next sailing isn't until Tuesday, which is too long to be waiting. The only alternative is for me to ride north to the port of Civilavechha, north of Rome and by my estimation, three days cycling. Looking at the map the road follows at or near the coast the whole way, so in terms of interesting itinerary, it should be alright.

The Dutch woman says at breakfast this morning she is off today to walk up Vesuvius. Says this is the only nature left round here; its all towns, villages and with maybe a few orange groves in-between, which is a pretty accurate description of this part of Italy. I rode the fifty kilometres to Pompei the other day through urban streets most of the way. I expect it'll be the same for the twenty kilometres up to Naples.

Text to be continued.

Entering the city.
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Mount Vesuvius as seen from the waterfront in Naples. The 79 AD eruption was caused by a big build up of gases inside the crater of the previously conical volcano, which eventually blew the top off and sky-high, leaving the shape we see today.
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Water Buffalo cow whose milk is used in the making of mozzarella cheese.
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Yes I'm all ears. What have you done?
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By the roadside.
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A storm by Rome airport.
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Flying-saucer road canopy.
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Carrots while taking a leak, or maybe a pea. I don't really know. I might have messed it up. Jays-us! I just wet myself laughing.
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Today's ride: 315 km (196 miles)
Total: 12,796 km (7,946 miles)

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