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WHERE IT ALL BEGAN, YEAR 1988. I was living in London at the time and my girlfriend returned home to France. I had only started to cycle that Summer and when it came to visiting her in the Autumn, I decided it was a good idea to cycle. So I cycled from London to Saint Etienne where she lived. That was my first cycle-tour and I became smitten by the bug of travelling by bike. My relationship didn't sadly last as long.
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JOHN FAIRWEATHER. Anglicized name of legendary eighteenth century Icelandic outlaw. In olden days sheep and horse stealers if caught, where sentenced to full outlawry in which they'd to leave the populated regions of Iceland and were banished to the uninhabited highlands.The most famous outlaw who's known in legend today is Fjalla Edvina, or Edvin of the Mountain. To the east of Mount Headubreid there's a cave in the lava where he spent the winter of 1774-75. He later said it was the worse winter of his entire outlawry, because he'd no fire and so lived on raw horse meat and the roots of scrubs.
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