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August 6, 2013

Day in Egilsstadir

It was necessary for a day off the bike, not least because I had to find a bike shop to buy new brake pads; which was easy enough in the town of Egilsstadir. But, there were no old type cantilever style blocks, just those for vee-brakes. Although not perfect, they done the job. The main thing I needed for my bike now was a ring-spanner to shift the rack back and set it up so that its level and parallel with the ground. I don't know why it has been set up sloping forward so much; and worse, something I hadn't noticed to begin with, why has it been set so the front of the rake is positioned exactly in the way of the cantilever brake cable, so that the cable kinks around it; and the triangle bit which joins the cable to the pull-wire catches so that the brakes don't bite fully, meaning no rear brake.

Why? The triangle bit catches, meaning the pads don't pull fully in on the rim.
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After lunch, I suffered a couple of hours in the café loading pictures to this site as the network kept going down or slow. In the end, I only managed something like twenty pictures. What a waist of a good day. Later I had better luck, sitting outside at the campsite. It was still and the sunshine felt almost tropical and radiant, reminding me of South America in August; pleasant to sit outside in late afternoon, but as soon as the sun began sinking over the mountains in the west, you could feel the nip of cold as winter night approached. This was how the weather was between seven and eight late this afternoon.

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