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December 26, 2013

Where Have You Been?

I need to write the journal today. But first I need to email home. I type my password and click enter. What is this? It reads: IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT BE USING YOUR ACCOUNT. Might be. Why? I return to the login page; hoping its only a technical glitch. That it isn't true. I enter the dots in the box and with fingers crossed click enter once more. Then stir at the screen as the above message appears again.

"To help you-and only you-get back into (my email account) we need to verify that its yours" I read underneath. I press a "next" box below. Hoping that it'll only be a case of filling-in a few boxes and I'll be able to go ahead. But pressing "next" only got me into more difficulty. The message that come up is: THERE'S A TEMPERARY PLOBLEM. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. I do try later. Still the same.

I let it go until I've done the journal and then try again. Still I get the now boring old "......might be using your account" message. Then hoping for the best, press NEXT and get the "there's a temporary problem....." message. So, I return to the login page and press the: Can't access your account? (that's a good one): link. The page comes up and I choose a new password, type it in the box provided and again in the confirm box underneath; copy a line of funny characters into a box below that and not forgetting a security question, which I remember the answer to. I'm full of optimism when the page comes up which reads something like: you have a new password and can now open your email account. Could I? No. When I put the new password in and click enter, still the "quest" what message? And the, try again later message, when I click on next.

I try again many times throughout the day without success. I still need to contact home, so say a frustrated and fed-up: Thank you Hotmail for being so user-friendly and also an ass. I'm opening a new account with another company.

Midmorning, Ida, one of the hostel owners enters and asks "Can I borrow you?" Borrow me? Well, alright. What will it involve? I reply somewhat amused. "There's a journalist coming from a lifestyle magazine. He wants to talk to you and Julia about your bike trip. You don't have to if you don't want to." "When's he coming" I ask. "In half an hour." Now-she tells me. "It was Dino who took the message and he only told me a few minutes ago."

The journalist come as appointed: a tall man approaching thirty complete with Dictaphone and camera. Ida calls in Julia and all four of us sit down round a table. With the Dictaphone on, he asks Julia first a number of question which he later asks me.

Jou "What made you decide to bike to India?"

Jul "I had reason to go to India and I thought of booking a flight. But then I just thought, why don't I cycle. It was as easy as that."

It is Julia's first cycle-tour and she's the same age I was when Is going to the South of France and thought like her answer: why don't I cycle.

The rest of the questions went like so: Where did you start your trip? What countries have you passed through? What do you think of Bosnia? Basically, the rudimentary everyday things people ask you.

JULIA: a Swedish Dervla Murphy, riding "Full Tilt" to India: and SEAD, one of the hostel owners.
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The fine art of conversation in a Sarajevo café.
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