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July 29, 2013

Going for the next? (Hope the rain doesn't come.): Back to Akureyri, then Grenivik

Well that was a short circuit of the peninsular, more an out and back ride. I returned to Akureyri in the forenoon, passed a French woman cycle-tourer stopped at the roadside who said she was "making a break". More low cloud today, murky and cool and it looked to be raining to the south. On the way into town, I stopped at the Bonus supermarket with it's piggy bank logo and resupplied. The bike is yet again extremely heavy. As well as the usual dry food, I found peanut butter in a plastic jar, which should be useful spread on crisp-bread; though, I've already got six cans of sardines and four of tuna for open-crisp-bread sandwiches. I think at a push I've enough food for at lease ten days.

I am now in the backpackers hostel in Akureyri, drinking coffee and using the free Wi-Fi. I had a serving of carrot cake earlier, which was delicious. The plan later in the afternoon is to ride towards Grenivik across the fjord from Dalvik.

At six o'clock, I came out of the café just as a group of senior French tourist that had been scrutinizing my bike were moving away. They must've seen me coming. One waited and asked did I speak French. When I said no, he said "Good day", and followed the rest. Shame as I would've been happy to answer questions if they had stuck around.

The ring road out of Akureyri crosses the fjord on a causeway, then climbs along the slope opposite the city for a couple of kilometres. I met a couple cycle-tourers free-wheeling down the other side that waved. Shortly followsd by another couple on loaded-bikes, the man said hello in a distinctly English accent when I waved across at them.

The ring road at this time of year isn't a pleasant ride as beforementioned. There's too many cars and you grow sick of the winding approach from the rear of the specially adopted Icelandic river-fording jeep with the buzz their big tyres make on aphalt. When the traffic is constant like this, you cannot look at anything, you most keep your eyes upon the road and keep tight to the side.

After the intinial rise from the causeway, the road continued up and down in stretches. At lease the wind had dropped to westerly two, as indica.ted by the electronic sign at the roadside. And the shore remained not far below the road on this side of the fjord.

Thankfully, the last twenty-two kilometres was off the Ring Road, leaving the traffic to continue while I continued up and down along the fjord and could ride out from the side as I'd the whole road to myself. I was growing hungry and was dreaming of the carrot cake I had earlier at the hostel cafe. I wished I had of had more before leaving, or even a slice of the chocolate cake. The porsions were generous being a sixth of the cake, twice the normal slice.

I reached Grenivik around half nine; another municipal campsite, with a group of four French speaking Swiss and a French speaking woman cyclist the only other campers.

Taken while leaving the city.
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The quiet road along the fjord after turning off the ring road.
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Shopping: isk5190 (£29)

Icelandic coffee, refills free: isk250 (£1.40)

Carrot cake: isk540 (£3)

Campsite; all modern facilities: isk1100 (£6)

Today's ride: 83 km (52 miles)
Total: 3,394 km (2,108 miles)

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