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August 13, 2013

Back to the start: Djupivoger to Egilsstadir

Like a pyramid, Bulandstinda.
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I was late to bed because of photo-fixing. You know, I'd happily throw the digital camera in the river which wouldn't be environmentally friendly, but, I find all the stopping to take photos, then going through them in the evening such a time consuming distraction. I don't take that many, perhaps fifteen to twenty per day, but some days, like yesterday, there are an awful lot more and it takes much time working out which to use. I'd happily do with one good representative photo for each day, and see more and write about and describe what I saw; it is after all a journal, not a picture story.

Anyway, the result was, Is tired getting up this morning. It was almost eight, rather late for such a bright warm morning. I got through the last of the oatmeal which has been in the pannier for three weeks, while I ate muesli most mornings, and the bike feels lighter. Porridge mixed with apple flavoured surmjolk, delicious. Followed by crisp bread spread with the last of the peanut butter.

It was only eighty-six kilometres to Egilsstadir, half yesterday's ride, and with a gental tailwind, it was an easy day. There was though, the steep climb up out of Berafjordur on the "Um Oxi" route, where I sweated buckets. Then had to put my thermal top back on once I'd crested the plateau where it felt cool. From where, it wasn't far until the road began descending to rejoin the ring road, at which point I lunched by a stream. Starting again, there remained a short forty wind assisted kilometres along Fjotsdalur, which has the most woodland that I've seen in Iceland. And with snowy hilltops and a blend of woodland and pastureland, the landscape reminded me of Southern Chile.

I arrived at five this afternoon, back in Egilsstadir on the campsite where I've washed all my clothes. The four weeks here on Iceland seem a long time with so many different experiences and emotions, yet the time has flew. I'm both sad and glad to be leaving. Sad because I could do with a few more weeks riding here, as long as the weather of this last few days last. Glad because it'll be nice to go elsewhere.

Today's ride: 86 km (53 miles)
Total: 4,384 km (2,722 miles)

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