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July 18, 2013

A Plan-foolish or brave only time will tell.

Tuesday: my last morning in Hirtshal meant a lot to do. Is up, breakfasted and had a journal page written by eight o'clock, leaving enough time to pack all my stuff in the panniers in time to be at the library for nine o'clock opening, where I would save and edit the page. I was finished at the library by quarter to ten then set off to the ferry terminal where the road was blocked by cars, campervans and offroad vehicles queuing for the ferry.

With lots of time on the ferry I made too many notes, but I'll sum up.

Made a plan. Basically, I've seen the amount of people on the ferry, full to capacity, which'll mean the main highway one, commonly called "The Ring Road" will be rather busy; so, I'll head inland. I've got a route kind of planned.

Wednesday: had slept some when terrible snoring began and, that was the finish of what had started as a good night sleep in the ship's couchuette shared sleeping department. Eventually, it was time to get up. Had a shower and a shave. I'll be doing the same tomorrow morning, as it may be a week before I have these facilities again. Breakfast buffet, a hundred and nine crowns which is reasonable. I ate enough to last all day. Once finished, I cleared the dishes onto another table and spread my map on the table in front of me. I had changed my mind and had a new plan.

PS. The Internet is extremely slow and it maybe quite a while before this journal is updated again.

Today's ride: 69 km (43 miles)
Total: 2,657 km (1,650 miles)

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