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Heading mostly South through Eastern Europe

A long bike ride

By Susan Shore
3,265 km (2,028 miles) over 93 days between Jul. 11, 2015 and Oct. 11, 2015
The Plan heart 5
On choosing a title and getting started heart 3
The bike: Co-motion Pangea Rohloff heart 4
I am not a Blogger heart 2
Getting Ready heart 2
I am a bad ass! heart 2
Gear heart 2
Packing the Bike heart 1
Getting things done heart 1
Final Bike Prep heart 2
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go ... almost heart 1
Saturday, July 11th and Sunday, July 12th 2015: Travel days heart 0


Stockholm heart 1
Stockholm to Vaxholm to Field west of Vaxholm heart 3
Wild camp west of Vaxholm to Norrtalje heart 2
Ferry to Finland heart 2


Hanging out on Mariehamn heart 4
Ferry to Helsinki, plus some sight-seeing: Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, July 17th - 19th 2015 heart 5


Ferry to Tallinn heart 3
Sightseeing in Tallinn heart 2
Camping on the Baltic Sea heart 3
To Haapsalu heart 2
To wild camp, 8 km south of Lihula heart 2
On to Parnu heart 2
Riding the Via Baltica: Last day in Estonia heart 2
Estonia Map heart 1


To Tuja heart 2
It always rains in Latvia heart 3
To Riga: I give a lecture in a castle heart 3
Touring Riga: Friday and Saturday heart 1
Riga to Skaistkalne heart 2
Latvia Map heart 1


Finding my way to Kupiskis heart 2
To Utena, and a rest day heart 1
To Giedraiciai via Moletai heart 1
Vilnius! heart 1
Bogged down in Vilnius: Saturday and Sunday, Aug 8 and 9 heart 1
Train to Trakai heart 1
More west than south heart 1
Last night in Lithuania heart 1
Lithuania Map heart 1


On to Augustow: What a difference a day makes! heart 1
Augustow to Sokolka heart 1
Bialystok: Planning heart 1
Train to Gdansk heart 1
Day off in Gdansk heart 1
Train to Krakow heart 1
Sightseeing in Krakow heart 2
Day trip to Auschwitz heart 1
Touring the Salt Mine heart 2
In the Carpathian Mountains heart 1
Out of Poland heart 1
Map of Poland heart 1


In the High Tatras heart 2
Donolavy: A long slow climb in the rain heart 1
To Banska Stiavnica: Another hilltop finish heart 1
Across the border into Hungary: To Retsag heart 1
Slovakia Map heart 1


The Danube!: Domos Camping heart 2
To Esztergom and then to Szentendre: Catching up with friends heart 1
R&R Near Budapest heart 1
Budapest to Rackeve: Back on the road heart 1
On to Kalocsa: Paprika capital of Hungary heart 1
Rain day in Kalocsa heart 1
A quick comment on the European Migrant Crisis heart 1
Mohacs: Near the Croatian Border heart 1
Hungary Map heart 1


Another new country (9, if you're counting): To Osijek, Croatia heart 1
To Ilok: Croatia gets hilly heart 1
Croatia Map heart 1


To Novi Sad: Taking the Serbian Route heart 1
A Rainy Day in Novi Sad heart 1
Novi Sad to Belgrade heart 1
Tourist in Belgrade: I get a look at the Syrian migrants heart 1
To Vinci, Serbia: Most of the way by bus heart 1
To Donje Milanovac: The Danube Gorge heart 3
The Iron Gate heart 1
Serbia Map heart 1


To Calafat, First full day in Romania, first wild dog incident heart 1


Into Bulgaria heart 1
Two days in Sofia heart 1
Sofia to Dupnica heart 3
Dupnica to Strumyani heart 1
Bulgaria Map heart 1


Into Greece in the rain: To Sidirokastro heart 3
Short day to Serres heart 2
To Ofrynio Beach: I've crossed a continent! heart 2
Nea Iraklitsa heart 2
Lazy Rainy Beach Day heart 1
To Xanthi: It didn't rain heart 1
Xanthi to Xanthi: Road closed ahead heart 1
On to Roditis: Wind, and a flat tire, and Frappe, and rain! heart 1
To Alexandroupoli heart 2
Greece Map heart 0


Into Turkey: A Windy Day heart 1
Ipsala to Kesan, and bus to Gelibolu heart 1
Rest day in Gelibolu heart 1
Ferry to Lapseki, bus to Bandirma: I'm in Asia! heart 1
I'm in Istanbul! heart 1
Playing Tourist in Istanbul heart 2
The Practical Side of Istanbul: Packing up and getting ready to fly home heart 1
Turkey Map heart 0
Home sweet home heart 1
Equipment review heart 1