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Retyrement on 2 Wheels 3

Trip 3 Copenhagen to Venice

By Michael Hutching & Ann Hutching
2,887 km (1,793 miles) over 72 days between Jul. 30, 2019 and Oct. 9, 2019
Two days til Take Off heart 9
Tuesday 30th July. Coping in Copenhagen heart 11
Wednesday 31st July. Copenhagen on a Damp Day heart 20
Thursday 1st August. We Head North To Louisiana heart 17
Friday 2nd August. Modern Art in the Morning; Historic Hillerod in the Afternoon heart 6
Saturday 3rd August South West to Roskilde and a Swim in The Fjord. heart 7
Sunday August 4th Visiting the Vikings heart 5
Monday August 5th South Along The Coast to Faxe Ladeplads heart 5
Tuesday 6th August We are Over the Mon. heart 14
Wednesday 7th August FAREWELL DENMARK heart 11
Thursday 8th August Roaming in Rostock, Storms in Schwann and Blue Skies In Baumgarten. heart 8
Friday 9th August. 56 kms. Baumgarten to Krakow am See. Best of the wurst in Gustrow and a swim at Krakow am See. heart 10
Saturday 10th August 75kms Krakow am See to Boek on Muritz See heart 7
Sunday August 11. From Boek Beside the Lake, to Großmenow Beside Bodie. heart 4
Monday August 12th Sobering historical reminders on the trail. From Großmenow to Leiberswalde heart 10
Tuesday 13th August From the Middle of Liebenwalde to the Mitte of Berlin. heart 3
Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th August. Exploring Berlin by Bike and by foot heart 5
Friday 16th August Goodbye to Berlin. Berlin to Potsdam via Charlottenburg heart 5
Saturday 17th August Potsdam to Wittenberg. From Sanssouci to sans cycle lane. heart 7
Sunday 18th August In Wittenberg - 75 Kilometres to See 95 Theses. heart 8
Monday 19th August. Wittenberg to Torgau. Bending the Elbe. heart 12
Tuesday 20th August Cut hair, bike repair, Hartenfels lair. heart 7
Wednesday 21st August Doners, Donations and Dramatic Castles heart 12
Thursday 22nd August At Meissen - Peering at porcelain, calling in at the Cathedral, Meeting at Moritzburg. heart 9
Friday 23rd August Cycle to Dresden, train to Radeburg, Concert in Evening. heart 11
Saturday 24th A Walk in Saxony hills- Mushrooms , berries, forests and views heart 9
Sunday 25th Farewell Wachau Hello Konigstein heart 8
Monday 26th August Goodbye Germany and Euros, Hello Czech Republic and Koruna. heart 9
Tuesday 27th August Brna to Veltrusy 88 kilometres. Flat whites, ferries and flying bats. heart 13
Wednesday 28th August Progressing to Prague heart 10
Thursday 29th August Early Prague Sightseeing and a Latish Concert. heart 16
Friday 30th August Leaving Prague on a Greenway 57kms heart 4
Saturday 31st August From Tynec nad Sázavou to Sedlec-Prcice heart 3
Sunday 1st September The Climb To Tábor and Slightly Beyond to the Rain at Plana nad Luznice. heart 3
Monday 2nd September Rolling on Through Upland Meadows and Forests - Plana Luznice to Jindrichuv Hradec heart 14
Jindrichuv Hradec to Slavonice. heart 10
Wednesday 4th September Slavonice to Lukov. heart 13
Thursday 5th September 73 Kms Lukov to Mikulov. Through the National Park Forest and Along the Military Patrol Path. heart 18
Mikulov to Mistelbach. heart 16
Saturday 7th September Mistelbach to Vienna Rainy day Cycling. Misty Mistelbach to Venting Vienna. heart 13
In Vienna heart 13
Tuesday 10th September A Sunny Ride South from Vienna on Eurovelo 9. 52kms heart 9
Wednesday 11th Chill Day in Sollenau. Washing, walnuts and Wheels Maintenance. heart 4
Thursday 12th September Sollenau to Mönichkirchen. A Trail of Two Halves- Long, Flat Straights and Long Climbs Straight Up. heart 14
Friday 13th September Downhill From Mönichkirchen To Campground Mushrooming at Bad Waltersdorf. heart 13
Saturday 14th From Bad Waltersdorf Camping to Gnarly Climbs to Gruiosla. heart 7
Sunday September 15th Crossing the Border- From Gruiosla Austria to Maribor Slovenia. heart 6
Monday 16th September Rest Day in Maribor - Walking the Old Town and Plotting our Route South. heart 14
Tuesday 17th September Maribor To Celje. Unrelenting, Undulations. heart 10
Wednesday 18th September Spelling in Celje; Spa-ing in Lasko. heart 17
Thursday 19th September Photography Museum in Celje and Rail Trip to Ljubljana heart 6
Friday September 20th. Lay Day in Ljubljana heart 11
Saturday 21st September Leaving Ljubljana & Pedalling to Postojna heart 7
Sunday September 22 The Day We Go Off Piste But Reach Divaca. heart 17
Monday 23rd September Divaca to Piran - a Damp Day Ends the Baltic to Adriatic Sojourn. heart 18
Tuesday 24th September Second Life by the Sea in Piran heart 9
Wednesday 25th September Rain Returns to Piran and We Have a Fish Dish. heart 4
Thursday 26th September We Farewell Piran, Ferry to Trieste, Swim in the Sea and Marvel at Miramare. heart 16
Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th September Trieste Time heart 7
Monday 30th September Trieste to Aquileia. Ave Atque Vale- Farewell Trieste, Salutations Aquileia, Again. heart 2
Tuesday 1st October Aquileia to Latisana. Heading West Heavy Trucks and Hemingway Tales. heart 4
Wednesday 2nd October Latisana to Treviso. A Change of Landscape to Treviso, City of Canals and Mansions. heart 6
Thursday 3rd October Treviso - Water Under The Bridge, Through the Town, Around the Town. heart 16
Friday 4th October Cycling the Sile - the Swansong of Our Sojourn. heart 12
Saturday 3rd October. The Bike box Quest to Decathlon heart 6
Sunday October 6- Wednesday 9th October Final Details- Boxing the Bikes and Sightseeing in Vicenza and Padua. heart 4
EPILOGUE heart 27