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August 5, 2019

Monday August 5th South Along The Coast to Faxe Ladeplads

Monday 5th August Down the Coast to Faxe Ladeplads

Last night’s dark sky has disappeared and  by 6:30 the fjord in front of our tent is reflecting the warming rays of the sun. The plan for the day is to continue south to Koge and then Praestp. Koge is not Koge with a soft or hard ‘g’ so far as we can make out but something like Kur, with a shortened ‘u’. 

The ride to Koge is easy and non eventful, mostly on a sealed path. After a stop for lunch we continue on fairly straight roads trying to cover some distance. We opt to follow the main road to Store Heddinge as it has a very good cycle path, rather than keep to the more scenic route 9 - the official Eurovelo Route. At Store Heddinge the tourist office man tells us of a movement to allow people to camp in consenting owners backyards- YIMBYS, I guess you’d say. 

We cover the final 20kms to Fakse Ladeplads ( another name to conjure with) by 6:00 and arrive at the Camping place in time for the usual hunt for food and tent organisation. We’re going to miss the Danish campgrounds with their kitchens and tables and charging plugs.

Strangely, our neighbours in the campground turn out, as we find in the morning, to be a couple from Christchurch. We have slight gear envy- they have Cannondale bikes and and MSR tent. We also chat to a French couple travelling with their young daughter. Like a number of French cyclists we’ve met, they have toured in NZ. They generously give us their Copenhagen to Berlin Bikeline guidebook. The detail in these is very useful. We are very grateful- it will be nice to find  someone suitable to pass it on to. The spirit of the road endures!

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Today's ride: 70 km (43 miles)
Total: 200 km (124 miles)

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