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August 17, 2019

Saturday 17th August Potsdam to Wittenberg. From Sanssouci to sans cycle lane.

Tent down and packed. Off to kitchen/diner for breakfast. We leave later than intended as we have a 70kms day, but we make good time. The first part of the ride is through green and gentle woods, to Beelitz , then the trail opens out as we opt to follow the main road to Wittenberg which has a smooth 2 metre wide asphalt path alongside side it. 

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This is an asparagus growing area and sandy lanes of earthed up asparagus beds stretch away from the main road. The only issue we have to contend with is an almost head wind which is quite strong. In addition there are long climbs which though reasonably gentle are taxing. The expectation that we would arrive in Wittenberg by 4:00 has to be revised. 

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About 15 kilometres from our goal, the inexplicable happens- no more cycle lane. The sign ‘Ende‘ hangs in the air like a bad smell. Why ? There has been a change of council region, we suppose or has someone been reading Hosking rants against cycle lanes. Whatever the case we are left to do the next 15 kilometres at pace, hugging a small white line and no shoulder to speak of. The good news is German drivers- they give 2 metres, many actually slow down from the 70kmph to pass, and most of all, there are few of them.

About 5kms out we hit the city cycle way and head for the centre. It’s Friday night and the city’s busy with young teens heading off to a throbbing concert we hear when we stop for supermarket supplies. We find the campground across a railway line, then across the Elbe, the next trail we will follow. The campground has a large brick hotel on site but we are in a grassy area reasonably close to a cooking area. Showers and toilet area is excellent. Tea is Uncle Ben’s, tuna and salad. Later in the night the pitter, patter of rain begins.

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Today's ride: 75 km (47 miles)
Total: 929 km (577 miles)

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Robyn RichardsWe need to send Hosking off to Europe on his own with just a bike to get himself around...
Enjoying your travel journals, thanks, as we wait to head off to France in a week's time.
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11 months ago
Tricia GrahamYes I agree a long cycle trip without cycle lanes and heavy traffic would be good for Hoskings!
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11 months ago