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August 31, 2019

Saturday 31st August From Tynec nad Sázavou to Sedlec-Prcice

The day warms up early and we’re sweating by the time our tent is packed. A few locals have headed to the river. Not sure if they swim or just stand in the brown murk. It looks reasonable flowing over the weir.

Route 11 is well signposted. It’s small roads and mostly light traffic, though the word ‘greenway’ might have given another impression. To Nekekov, we climb from 287 to 401 metres- it’s only 15 kilometres but takes a good hour. Farmland, forests and cultivated fields are not as extensive as in Germany. Houses often are a mix of old and new and there are pretty gardens. Along the route there are wild apple and plum trees which provide us with some sustenance.

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At Sedlcany we picnic on a seat In the shade for lunch and then it’s a constant ascent and descent for the next 30kms. We stop at a petrol station for ice blocks and a water refill. The chocolate we buy for an energy boost is partially melted.

Up another hill and we are at Sedlec-Prcrce. There’s a pretty church at the top and further on a poster advertising Pension Dalmo with a large photograph of a blue pool. This is for us! I call the  reception woman and she comes down and sorts us and our bikes out.

The room is cool and pleasant and there is a kitchenette down the hallway for cooking. No pension breakfast in the morning.

We visit ‘Flop Shop’ minimart for eggs (omelette) and lettuce (salad). Then it’s a dip in the pool (photos don’t lie) and back for an early tea and route planning. 

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By 9:00pm it’s lights out.

Today's ride: 42 km (26 miles)
Total: 1,544 km (959 miles)

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Tricia GrahamThe Czech Republic can be hard going but we loved it when we did it
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1 year ago
Ann HutchingTo Tricia GrahamThanks Tricia, will have a look at your blog again, cheers, Michael & Ann
PS - enjoying your current travel diary. Well done you two!
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1 year ago