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August 30, 2019

Friday 30th August Leaving Prague on a Greenway 57kms

Both a little jaded in the morning, from the heat ( the little fan did its best), and street noise which was worse than previous night. But departure is straight forward, and we are soon at the river where we find the yellow cycle route signs. It’s just a matter of keeping them in sight, weaving in and out of traffic, avoiding tram lines and road works, and cars and busses. 

The Castle and the tiled roofs across the river, shine in the early sun. And there are more grand buildings and monuments along our side as well. 

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Our Greenway map is very tight in its detail at this stage, but we do have an idea of  the place names en route, although our pronunciation is atrocious. So we follow the arrows through parks on smooth paths and suburban roads, then into forest on rough bumpy tracks, with a lot of up and down.

Prûhinice offers a cyclist rest place and the shady break is most welcome. There is a wedding in the glade nearby. We’ve seen a few brides today. Friday must be a popular choice. The men take advantage of the nearby pub, returning to the party with handfuls of pints. 

Now we are on route 11 and getting used to the map, but have some difficulty alongside the Chateau gardens and park where I see a small deer leap from the trees. 

There is a lot of climbing and varied surface. At Mandova there is a tower. The map indicates 480 m and on close inspection, we are a little “off piste”.  

If we ride on the busy 603 and make the next left to Krizkovy Ujezdec all will be well. 

From then on route 11 is on a small road 107. It’s Friday and 4.30pm so traffic is building and we have 13 km to Týnec nad Sázavou. Reflector jackets on and pedal hard on a descending road that enters the Kamenicky river gorge. Passing traffic reasonably considerate, but with our speed over 30 kph, its a scary race. 

All is well at the end and the ‘Kemp’ is down near the river. A very basic set up, a big yellow bus is the reception, bar and the toilet block. The showers are up by the football ground. First night free for cyclists- we pay for showers. 

Although quiet when we arrive, a small gathering settles in for the evening at the tables outside the bus-bar and the children have the run of the big open space.  They also have fun running up the pile of stepped pallets, one of which serves as our preparation table. Our tent, we set up on the wonderfully lush green grass.

We cook our potatoes, eat and are soon oblivious to it all.

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Today's ride: 57 km (35 miles)
Total: 1,502 km (933 miles)

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