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We're So Happy We Can Hardly Count

Bicycling Patagonia And Beyond On A Dawes Galaxy

By Sean Kane
12,656 km (7,859 miles) over 290 days between Nov. 8, 2015 and Aug. 23, 2016
Title: Radio's Desert Island Discs Fourth Choice. (presented by Kirsty Young) heart 1
A Madrid Autumn Morning to A Buenos Aires Spring Evening heart 1
I Can't Count heart 0
Out Of The City heart 0

Buenos Aires to Bariloche

Kilometre Zero: Plaza de Mayo to near Ranchos. heart 0
Que Linda: near Ranchos to Km175 (approximatedly) Route 29. heart 0
Leanardo No Di Vinci: Route 29, KM 175 to empleada (big roundabout junction) of 29 and route 74. heart 0
Run To The Hills: Big roundabout junction to Tandil heart 0
First Wind: Tandil to km 424, Route 3. heart 0
Kindness of Strangers: Route 3, km 424, to 40 km before Pringle. heart 0
Far From Anywhere: 40km before C Pringle to Serra Ventana. heart 0
Raining Trucks: Serra Ventana to Bahia Blanca. heart 0
La Pampa: Bahia Blanca to route 22, km841. heart 0
The Storm: Route 22, km841 to km985 heart 0
Big Wagons: Route 22, km985 to 1121. heart 0
Impetuous: Route 22, km1121 to Neuquen. heart 0
Then And Now: Neuquen to route 237, km1341. heart 0
Road Grapevine: Route 237, km1341 to 1505. heart 0
Goal: Route 237, km1505 to Bariloche heart 0

Route 40

The Limit: Bariloche to El Bolson. heart 0
El Bolson: Pictures and belated words. heart 0
Cholila: El Bolson to Los Alerces. heart 0
Unwelcome Guest: PN Los Alerces end-to-end. heart 0
Cold Day: Lago Futaleutquen to Esquel. heart 0
Esquel: Planeta Hostel. heart 0
Burrs: Esquel to Culvert Camp. heart 0
Hospitality: Culvert Camp to Estancia El Condor heart 0
Paradores (Roadhouses): Estancia El Condor to Rio Senguer. heart 0
Same: Rio Senguer to Culvert Camp. heart 0
Malfunction: Culvert Camp to Rio Ecker. heart 0
Bad Karma: Rio Ecker to Rio Chico. heart 0
Hitchhikers Glance To The Galaxy: Rio Chico to near Lago Cardiel. heart 0
Desolate: near Lago Cardiel to near Tres Lagos. heart 0
Principle: near Tres Lagos to Rio Leona. heart 0
Misery: Rio Leona to El Calafate. heart 0
Fluke: El Calafate to Glacier Perito Moreno. heart 0
Tragedy: Los Glacieros to El Calafate. heart 0
Nothing: Calafate to Cuesta De Miguez heart 0
Something: Cuesta De Miguez to near Tapi Aike. heart 0
Demoralized: near Tapi Aike to near PN Torres del Paine. heart 0

Torres del Paine to Ushuaia

Paine: near Torres del Paine to Puento Weber. heart 0
Exchanges: Puento Weber to Puerto Natales. heart 0
Casa Lili heart 0
Fancy People And Us: Puerto Natales to Morro Chico. heart 0
Fatigue: Morro Chico to free campsite by Punta Arenas Airport. heart 0
In & Around Punta Arenas: Campsite to Porvenir. heart 0
Short Arduous Day: Porvenir to Stream campsite (route 71, km55). heart 0
Cold Shower: Ravine campsite to refuse hut, 24km before San Sebastian. heart 0
Windchill: Refuse hut to Rio Grande. heart 0
A Turn Around In Many ways: Rio Grande to km2895 (route 3). heart 0
Preulitimate Day: km2895 to km3001 (route 3). heart 0
Last Day South: km3001 to Ushuaia. heart 0
Turn-around heart 0

Route 3 & 43

On The Road North: Ushuaia to north of Tolhuin. heart 0
Holiday Traffic: North of Tolhuin to north of Rio Grande. heart 0
Border: North of Rio Grande to beyond San Sebastian. heart 0
All Things Bleak And Dreary: Somewhere to Somewhere-else, near Cerra Sombrero. heart 0
Weakness: Before Sombrero to Punta Espora/Transbordador (ferry). heart 0
Too Dangerous: Punta Delgado to south of Rio Gallegos. heart 0
Rio Gallegos: Route 3, km2639 to 2534. heart 0
Oh For A Tree And Green Grass: Route 3, km2534 to km2431. heart 0
Storming Tailwind: Route 3, km2431 to km2340-Rio Chico. heart 0
Other Nutcases On 3: Km2340 (Rio Chico) to2188. heart 0
Three Hills: Km2188 to 2065. heart 0
3 2 43: Km2065 to near Pico Truncado. heart 0
Rare Grass: near Pico Truncado to near Las Heras. heart 0
Tree That Nobody's Seen Yet: near Las Heras to near route 40. heart 0
Time for Music: Desert Island Discs-fifth choice. heart 0
Howling Wind: Near Route 40 to near Perito Moreno. heart 0
Chile Chico: near Perito Moreno to Puerto Ibanez. heart 0

Carretera Austral

Cerro Castillo: Puerto Ibanez, halfway to Coyhaique. heart 0
Dead Legs: Woodland camp to Coyhaique. heart 0
Every Day Is Like Sunday heart 0
Bike Matters And The Like: Still in Coyhaique, but planning the route ahead. heart 0
Carrying On: Coyhaique to bridge-riverbank campsite. heart 0
Deforestation: Riverbank campsite to near Villa Amengual heart 0
Fin Pavimento: near Ville Menguales to near Puyuhuapi. heart 0
Return Of Pavement: near Puyuhuapi to bridge over Rio Palena. heart 0
A Sunday In Hell: Bridge over Rio Palena to Rio Yelcho. heart 0
Easy Day: Rio Yelcho to Chaiten. heart 0

Chiloe & Lakes/ Northern Patagonia

Goin Chiloe: Ferry Chaiten-Quellon: Route 5 (PanAm) km1271 to 1243. heart 0
Snap: PanAm km1243 to 1162. heart 0
Change In The Weather: PanAm km1162 to1075. heart 0
Days Off: Near Pargue (km1075) to Puerto Varas. heart 0
Breaking The Cycle heart 0
Big Break: Puerto Varas to 30km before Entrelagos. heart 0
Two Lakes And A Long Climb: 30km before Entrelago to 10km short of Argentina. heart 0
Seven Lakes: Route 215, km107 to Lago Villarino. heart 0
Waiting For The Sun: Lago Villarino to San Martin de Los Andes. heart 0
Come Rain Or Shine: Days Off In San Martin. heart 0
Inflation: San Martin de Los Andes to Pine Plantation, 25km short of border. heart 0
What Next: Pine Plantation to lakeshore. heart 0
Memory Lock: Lakeshore to Villarica. heart 0
Manjana: Two days become three, becomes four. heart 0

Route 5/Pan Americana

Awake'n Go Again: Villarica to Route 5-km678. heart 0
Here Comes Trouble: Route 5-km678 to km582. heart 0
To L.A: Route 5-km582 to km472. heart 0
Another Day On The Road: Route 5-km472 to km330. heart 0
Which is Which: Route 5-km330 to 227. heart 0
5 2 66: Route 5-km227 to route 66-km37. heart 0
Rain: Route 66-km37 to Route 74-km12 heart 0
Gone Astray: Route 74-km12 to Route 68-km100. heart 0
The Sun Ain't Gonna Sin Any More: Penance in the rain. heart 0
Valparaiso heart 0
Walk in Val-poo. heart 0
Cold Or No: Valparaiso to Calera. heart 0
Grey Pacific Coast: Calera to km202 (route 5). heart 0
The Post Card Image: km202 to km317. heart 0
Time I Believe: km317 to km403. heart 0
Fast Foreward: km203 to La Serena. heart 0
Slow Start: La Serena to km562. heart 0
Road Report: km562 to km647. heart 0
Garden of the Atacama: km643 to km769. heart 0
Crossing Paths: km769 to Bahia Inglesa. heart 0
Relax: Bahia Inglesa to km958. heart 0
Inland: km958 to km1065. heart 0
Up: km1065 to 1173. heart 0
Relief: km1173 to 1301. heart 0
White Gold: km1301 to Antofagasta. heart 0
Desert Coast: Antofagasta to near junction of route B500 and route 5. heart 0
Ghost Towns: Junction of routes B500 & 5 to route 25-km34. heart 0
Freight Train: route 25-km34 to route 23-km32. heart 0
Crossroads: route 23-km32 to San Pedro de Atacama. heart 0
Time For More Music: Desert Island Discs, Seventh Choice. heart 0
Breathless: San Pedro de Atacama to route 27-km31. heart 0
Highlife: Route 27-km31 to 110. heart 0

North West Argentina

Windpowered: Route 27-km110 to Route 52-km144 (Arg) heart 0
Stormy Sunday: Route 52-km144 to km3-Pumamarca. heart 0
Rainy Monday: Pumamarca to route 9-km1667 (El Carmen) heart 0
Springlike: El Carmen to Salta (8th to 15th off) heart 0
Departure: Salta to route 51-km38 heart 0
Not Rolling The Rs: route 51-km38 to km118 heart 0
Basecamp: route 38-km118 to near junction with route 40 heart 0
Highroad: near junction of routes 51 and 40 to route 40-km4591 heart 0
La Poma: route 40-km4591 to 4533 heart 0
TLC: route 40-2533 to Cachi heart 0
Not Having The Foggiest: Cachi to Questa de Obispo. heart 0
Bad Luck and Trouble: Cuesta de Obispo to Salta heart 0
Week Off Doing Nothing: Well Not Exactly heart 0
A Couple Of Days More In Salta heart 0
An Acident, But I'll Survive: Salta to km55-route 9 heart 0
Not A Lot To Report: route 9 km55 to near Pumamarca heart 0
not much cycling today: actually none at all as I stay a second day in Tilcara. heart 0
doesn't look like it, but it's uphill all the way: Tilcara to Huama? hell if I can spell that! heart 0
Not So Nice Up Here: Humahaca to near Abra Pampa. heart 0
a warm bed: its too cold to camp: near Abra Pampa to La Quiaca. heart 0


new country, same drab landscape, to begin with anyway: La Quiaca to Tupiza. heart 0
well earned rest day: in Tupiza. heart 0
late start, or is that a half day: Tupiza to dry-stream campsite. heart 0
hew-haw hew-haw: the sound as I gasp for oxygen. heart 0
long day with dogs to shoo off: 100kms out, up to Potosi. heart 0
Once The Minte: days off in Potosi heart 0
all downhill with a surprising uphill or two: Potosi to midway great gorge campsite. heart 0
yes I admit its getting better: midway gorge campsite to Sucre. heart 0
Rest heart 0
hostel world: it isn't a happening place these days. heart 0
Where's The People heart 0
rejoice: some passable photos today, and, what I'm reading. heart 0
Flat: move to new hostel and more not so good but passable photos heart 0
doing a tourist thing heart 0
Sucre: how many more days? heart 0
Bolivia Night heart 0
A Postcard: Still in Sucre heart 0
This is it: back out in the ochre hills of the Andean highlands. heart 0
Soft Tyre: first puncture in months heart 0
Dust Cloud: lots of inferstructure inprovement in a presidencial stronghold heart 0
Transition Zone: 2 hours drive, 100km, 5 hours by bike: such is the estimation of distance heart 0
No Room: my much looked forward to afternoon relaxing, turns into a stressful time looking for accommodation heart 0
Amused: Montegude to roadworks heart 0
The Good Road: bad road to route 9 dream, to lakeside campsite heart 0
The Day My World Colapses: lakeside to maizefield campsite heart 0
Final Day: Maizefield to Santa Cruz heart 0
Time To Stop And Move On heart 0
Fixing A Hole heart 0