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1982: Stories of the Young and Dumb, aka My First Bike Trip

from the wrinkled pages of time

By Mark Bingham
3,269 miles (5,261 km) over 77 days between May 17, 1982 and Aug. 1, 1982


about this journal heart 23
schnapsidee - an impractical idea which seems brilliant when one is drunk heart 14


the first guy we met heart 17
the second guy we met heart 14
bad judgement heart 18
great aunt ruby's house heart 19
just tell 'em Usup sentcha heart 15
rattlesnake heart 19
rattlesnake roundup heart 9
first flat heart 13
anyone crazy enough to pedal across the country on bikes can have whatever you want. heart 9
yeah, but we try to keep them out of our mouths heart 24
but I wouldn’t let my dog sleep there heart 11
clarendon's expired jelly heart 17
suicide dogs heart 17
the TNT equivalent of a cap gun heart 10
finding adventure by crossing the street heart 16

New Mexico

six corndogs heart 13
farsee heart 25
milestones heart 18
the purchase of absolution heart 11
the flatlanders' pinnacle heart 25


terminal velocity heart 12
a lack of common sense vs innate laziness heart 18
the lucky flat heart 10
my five days in denver, briefly heart 15
trying to figure out what my 40-year-old journal means heart 8
prescient knowledge heart 10
the battle heart 15
no nuclear charring heart 8


a thousand bucks and all the time I want heart 12
my invincible pup tent heart 10
the actual windiest city heart 6
even a couple of idiots like us figured that one out heart 9
my first attempt at a century heart 13
flint hills heart 7
friendship cake heart 5
Glum the preacher heart 6
the genius heart 7


hick-a-billies in oklahoma heart 4


the burned tick heart 6
collecting lead ingots heart 6
camp soaring hawk heart 8
how to earn $6.50 heart 6
what time I woke up heart 6
the manager heart 6
uncharacteristic and unfortunate good judgment heart 6
better than the bathroom floor heart 8


it’s like Deliverance, man heart 3
a handful of sand in the face heart 5
it will only take a minute heart 6
the mosquito triangle heart 4


the disappearing cyclist heart 4
fifteen cents heart 3


RC Cola heart 6
an apocalyptic deluge heart 6
this was your life! heart 6
yellow brick house with white trim and two windows heart 6
no such thing as a free lunch heart 9
8 heart 9
the coal miner heart 8


It WAS really good water heart 6
afraid for my life heart 6
my four days in cookeville, briefly heart 6
a bit of uncomfortable déjà vu heart 5
the tortured cow heart 5
the best bicycle lock heart 10
tacking heart 5


my brilliant idea heart 5
turtle on the road heart 7
a convicted criminal heart 7
sproink! heart 6
if they know you they’ll do anything for you heart 5
the drive home heart 6
skinny benny heart 6
today’s television programming includes… heart 7
mark gets shingles heart 4
the case of the clothing culprit heart 6
the rest of the time heart 10
the spider heart 5
a motherly hand heart 5
my brancale heart 6
a whore in church heart 6


a timely coincidence heart 6
the dog heart 6
kudzu heart 7
it’s on the sign heart 6
the miraculous snake stick heart 6
not riding on this interstate, either heart 6
another lucky flat heart 6
show the plan, share the dream heart 6
the convention heart 4
the rest of the time heart 8
the first goodbye heart 4


about 3 ounces of crazy heart 6
unexploded ammunition heart 4
I pull a Rip Van Winkle heart 6
BBQ heart 6
the unwelcome church heart 6
the ice and gun truck heart 5


the random babins heart 5
unrestful stop heart 5
when the devil came to texas heart 7
the creepy guy at mcdonald’s heart 7
the motorcycle man heart 5
adding to my repertoire heart 5
gator stick heart 6
the revival heart 6
my last day, the beginning of the end heart 5
the hitchhiker heart 6
tattoo parlor heart 5
sometimes I just don’t understand myself heart 5
pictures I took along the way, but have no idea where I took them heart 33
things I took heart 5
epilogue heart 8