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Seeking a Warrior's Death, Part I: The Northern Tier

Bud & Doc Attempt the Maine-to-Washington Route

By George Hall
4,259 miles (6,854 km) over 85 days between May 6, 2021 and Jul. 29, 2021

Is This My Final Tour? Will There Be A Part II?

A Note to You Readers heart 5
Background, Training, Bikes heart 11
The Plan; It's Already Busted heart 11
I Never Saw That Coming! heart 10
About That Title... heart 19
Challenges We May Face heart 6
Update Prior to Departure heart 7
Travel to the Start heart 18


Day 1: Bar Harbor to Bucksport heart 46
Day 2: Bucksport to Rockport heart 52
Day 3: Rockport to Newcastle heart 22
Day 4: Newcastle to Brunswick heart 15
Day 5: Brunswick to Naples heart 16

New Hampshire

Day 6: Naples, ME to North Conway, NH heart 31
Day 7: Rest Day in North Conway, NH heart 7
Day 8: North Conway, NH to Lincoln, NH heart 56
Day 9: Lincoln, NH to Fairlee, VT heart 41


Day 10: Fairlee, VT to Rochester, VT heart 29
Day 11: Rochester, VT to Ticonderoga, NY heart 39

New York

Day 12: Rest Day in Ticonderoga, NY heart 17
Day 13: Ticonderoga, NY to Long Lake, NY heart 29
Day 14: Long Lake, NY to Old Forge, NY heart 31
Day 15: Old Forge, NY to Redfield, NY heart 33
Day 16: Redfield, NY to Fair Haven, NY heart 28
Day 17: Fairfield, NY to Pittsford, NY heart 42
Day 18: Pittsford, NY to Lockport, NY heart 19
Day 19: Lockport, NY to Hamburg, NY heart 17
Day 20: Hamburg, NY to Westfield, NY heart 27


Day 21: Westfield, NY to Conneaut, OH heart 26


Day 22: Conneaut, OH to Mentor, OH heart 15
Day 23: Zero Day in Mentor, OH heart 10
Day 24: Mentor, OH to Westlake, OH heart 18
Day 25: Westlake, OH to Fremont, OH heart 24
Day 26: Fremont, OH to Napoleon, OH heart 13
Day 27: Napoleon, OH to Monroeville, IN heart 19


Day 28: Monroeville, IN to Wabash, IN heart 18
Day 29: Wabash, IN to Dream Acres Campground West of Buffalo, IN heart 14
Day 30: Dream Acres Campground to Ashkum, IL City Park heart 12


Day 31: Ashkum, IL to Wenona, IL heart 16
Day 32: Wenona, IL to Kewanee, IL heart 24
Day 33: Kewanee, IL to Muscatine, IA heart 31


Day 34: Rest Day in Muscatine, IA heart 11
Day 35: Muscatine, IA to Oxford Junction, IA heart 37
Day 36: Oxford Junction, IA to Dyersville, IA heart 43
Day 37: Dyersville, IA to Marquette, IA heart 15
Day 38: Marquette, IA to Genoa, WI heart 26


Day 39: Genoa, WI to Trempealeau, WI heart 41
Day 40: Trempealeau, WI to Pepin, WI heart 31
Day 41: Pepin, WI to Stillwater, MN heart 39


Day 42: Stillwater, MN to Dalbo, MN heart 29
Day 43: Dalbo, MN to Bowlus, MN heart 42
Day 44: Bowlus, MN to Alexandria, MN heart 33
Day 45: Alexandria, MN to Fergus Falls, MN heart 35
Day 46: Rest Day in Fergus Falls, MN heart 7
Day 47: Fergus Falls, MN to Fargo, ND heart 32
Day 48: Fargo, ND to Enderlin, ND heart 19
Day 49: Enderlin, ND to Gackle, ND heart 47
Day 50: Gackle, ND to Napoleon, ND heart 28
Day 51: Napoleon, ND to Bismarck, ND heart 48
Day 52: Bismarck, ND to Glen Ullin, ND heart 41
Day 53: Glen Ullin, ND to Dickinson, ND heart 51
Day 54: Dickinson, ND to Buffalo Gap Campground Near Medora, ND heart 24


Day 55: Buffalo Gap Campground, ND to Glendive, MT heart 45
Day 56: Glendive, MT to Circle, MT heart 56
Day 57: Circle, MT to Jordan, MT heart 42
Day 58: Jordan, MT to Winnett, MT heart 58
Day 59: Rest Day in Winnett, MT heart 24
Day 60: Winnett, MT to Lewistown, MT heart 69
Day 61: Lewistown, MT to Stanford, MT heart 33
Day 62: Stanford, MT to Great Falls, MT heart 48
Day 63: Great Falls, MT to Conrad, MT heart 23
Day 64: Conrad, MT to Cut Bank, MT heart 42
Day 65: Medical Time Out in Cut Bank, MT heart 8
Day 66: Another Forced Timeout For Bud, Doc Rolls On heart 30
Day 67: Cut Bank, MT to St. Mary, MT heart 64
Day 68: Saint Mary, MT to Sprague Creek Campground on Lake McDonald heart 58
Day 69: Sprague Creek Campground to Whitefish State Park Campground heart 17
Day 70: Whitefish State Park to Eureka, MT heart 41
Day 71: Eureka, MT to Koocanusa Resort, MT heart 28
Day 72: Koocanusa Resort to Dorr Skeels Campground heart 40


Day 73: Dorr Skeels Campground to Sand Point, ID heart 25
Day 74: Sand Point, ID to Newport, WA heart 17


Day 75: Rest Day in Newport, WA heart 23
Day 76: Newport, WA to Colville, WA heart 50
Day 77: Colville, WA to Republic, WA heart 29
Day 78: Republic, WA to Omak, WA heart 37
Day 79: Omak, WA to Chelan, WA heart 46
Day 80: Chelan, WA to Cashmere, WA heart 57
Day 81: Rest Day, Planning and Preparation For The Final Push heart 28
Day 82: Cashmere, WA to Skykomish, WA heart 42
Day 83; Skykomish, WA to Snohomish, WA heart 61
Day 84; Snohomish, WA to Anacortes, WA heart 60
Day 85; Anacortes, WA Finale heart 38
Epilogue, Statistics, Memories, Miscellaneous; The Wrapup heart 24