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July 10, 2021

Day 66: Another Forced Timeout For Bud, Doc Rolls On

Second Medical Rest Day For Bud; Doc Rolls To Saint Mary

I got up this morning with Doc, but I already knew that I wasn't in any condition to ride onward.  Doc slept an hour later than we usually do because he didn't want to ride in the dark - methinks he may have been thinking about that killer bear that has an appetite for cyclists.  As it so happens, the bear was shot dead last night but we didn't know that this morning.    Cyclist Killing Bear Shot Dead

This Isn't True, And That's The Way Advertising Goes - But It Does Get Cold Here
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Doc assured me several times that he would stay if I thought I needed him, but I encouraged him to go on because I was better.  Not yet strong enough to ride, but improved - hopefully the additional rest day today will be enough for me to recover and feel like rolling out in the morning.    We had already talked to the hotel in Saint Mary and got them to not charge us for yesterday's reservation because I had a medical emergency, so since they had been so nice to us it didn't seem right to not show up today - at least one of us show up anyway.   So Doc is in Saint Mary now and will take a rest day tomorrow, allowing me to catch up.  And Saint Mary will be a much better place for a rest day for Doc than Cut Bank - just sayin'.

Doc Met Simon Today - Simon Is Eastbound On The Northern Tier (photo credit; Doc)
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Simon GnehmWhat an inspiration. You both are absolute Rockstars. I only met Doc, and I would have loved to meet you both.
Keep on keeping on! Blaze of glory! My highest regards and and endless love to you!
Simon from Durango, Colorado.
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3 years ago
George HallTo Simon GnehmSimon,

Thanks for the encouragement- I need all I can get to finish this ride! Best wishes on your journey,

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3 years ago

I'm a coffee drinker, but when I'm not feeling good I don't like it and I hadn't had any coffee for a couple of days.  So it was a good sign later this morning when I started craving a cup of coffee, and I walked over to the convenience store and got one.  I don't seem to have as much tooth pain in the daytime as I do at night - there is an abscess that I can feel on my lower jaw below the area where the wisdom tooth resides, and this is likely the source of the pain.  Unfortunately, it's hard for antibiotic to get inside an abscess and do any good, so I may have to deal with this for the remainder of the trip.   But I've only been on the antibiotic for 2 days now, so maybe it will eventually fix that problem - maybe.   I think that when I lay down the abscess area is exposed to a different pressure than when I'm standing, and perhaps that explains the pain at night.  So maybe if I could sleep propped up a bit?

Cut Bank Has A Brewery
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My youngest daughter (internal medicine resident) discussed my drugs and situation with me, and this is my new plan; I will take the hydrocodone at bedtime only, then when I wake up with pain I will switch to motrin or tylenol for the remainder of the night.  That way, maybe I can get up early and not be zombied-out from the narcotic and feel like cycling.  So anyway, that's what I'm going to try tonight, cause I really do need to roll tomorrow.

Fortunately There's A Convenience Store Near The Motel
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I rode the bike 1 mile to the Albertson's store today in the "better" part of town and got a food bowl for lunch and a "Hungry Man" dinner for tonight.  On the return I found a penny to add to the "found money" fund; somehow that just doesn't make up for my overall experience here.   While I typed this entry I ate dinner and did some preparatory work on the bike and began to sort things for packing - I try to get as much done the night before as possible so that I can roll out early after waking on a riding day.

Scenery As One Nears Saint Mary (photo credit; Doc)
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OK, I'm off to bed and my new pain management scheme.  I'm rolling in the morning barring some unforeseen catastrophe.  Good night folks, I'm leaving you with a simple short video...

Today's ride: 2 miles (3 km)
Total: 3,365 miles (5,415 km)

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Rich FrasierIt’s good to hear you’re feeling a bit better. It must be difficult to contemplate stopping after all the distance you’ve ridden. I hope it goes well for you tomorrow. I’m not ready for your journal to end!
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3 years ago
Patsy ModenI'm cheering you on from Florida Bud!
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3 years ago
George HallTo Patsy ModenThanks Pat! Someday I’ll ride to Florida
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3 years ago
George HallTo Rich FrasierRich,

Thanks for the encouragement- I’m not ready for the journal to end either. But it could be out of my control. But I’m good for now, and will continue if at all possible. Best wishes,

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3 years ago