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Seeking A Bicycle Warrior's Death, Part II: The Great Rivers South 1264
KAMO Spring Tour 2022; Does Bigfoot Ride a Bike? 58
Seeking a Bicycle Warrior's Death, Part I: The Northern Tier 3141
Searching For a Heart Attack on the Western Express 74
Transam, Both Ends to the Middle; Buddy Rides a Bike 88


Crossing the Ohio River on the Transam Route, 2015
Routes I Have Ridden

I did a few overnight cycle tours during my college years, but my real introduction to loaded self-supported cycle touring came in 2015 when I realized a long-time dream of mine and rode the 4,300 mile ACA Transamerica route.   That was a solo tour, though I did meet other cyclists and enjoyed their company during parts of the tour.  That trip hooked me on cycle touring, and in 2017 I rode the ACA Western Express route from San Francisco, CA to Pueblo, CO (1,600 miles).  I rode the Northern Tier route (4,300 miles) in 2021.  In the fall of 2022, I rode the Great Rivers South route (1,500 miles).  

I've ridden approximately 12,000 miles of self-supported loaded touring and my adventures have taken me across 31 U.S. states now.  I've also done a bit of lightly-loaded day touring in Germany along the Rhine River.  I'm just a beginner compared to many, but I've learned a few things along the way.   One very important lessons I have learned is that the cycling itself is only half of the battle; the adventure aspects make up the other half and are the most unpredictable.  

In "real life" I worked as an Engineer and Geologist and occasional forensic consultant.    I retired in early 2021 at the young age of 68, and I am eager to do a lot of cycle touring in my golden years!   It's becoming more challenging to tour now, because I have to fight aggressive prostate cancer as well as the usual rigors associated with cycle touring.  The experts say that the cancer will eventually win out, but I plan on winning a few cycle-touring "battles" before that happens.  Every tour completed is another battle won - so that's how I roll!  How many battles do I have left before I become too weak to tour?   I guess we'll see...

Western Express, 2017 - Modeling Our Showers Pass Rain Jackets - My 10th Continental Divide Bicycle Crossing
Nothern Tier (2021) - The Anacortes Ferry Terminal Marks The End of The Route
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