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Searching For a Heart Attack on the Western Express

Bud, Sis, and Doc Ride the Old Pony Express Route Across Some of the Ruggedest Terrain in the U.S.

By George Hall
1,603 miles (2,580 km) over 35 days between Jul. 23, 2017 and Aug. 26, 2017
Prologue: Is This Really Happening? heart 0
Pre-Trip Details: Gear, Research Project, and Other Tidbits heart 1

California: "Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair"

Day 1, San Francisco to Davis: A Hard Day's Night heart 1
Day 2, Davis to El Dorado Hills: A Taste of Heat heart 2
Day 3, El Dorado Hills to Plymouth: Into the Foothills; A Late Start Means Traffic Issues heart 2
Day 4, Plymouth to Black's Inn: Road Closure Caused Some Alarm heart 0
Day 5, Rest Day at Black's Inn: Life Happens heart 0
Day 6, Black's Inn to Kirkwood: The Meaning of "Up" heart 0

Nevada: Casinos, Prostitutes, and Us?

Day 7, Kirkwood, CA to Carson City, NV: Where Did the Trees Go? heart 0
Day 8, Carson City to Fallon: Desert Heat and a Flat Tire, but Wild Horses Couldn't Keep Us Away heart 0
Day 9, Fallon to Cold Springs Station: Sis and Doc are Forced to Abandon! Or Maybe Not? heart 0
Day 10, Cold Springs Station to Austin: My Spirit Animal Speaks To Me heart 0
Day 10 Elsewhere; The Fate of Sis and Doc: It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings heart 1
Day 11, Rest Day in Austin: Laundry, Post Office, Journal Updates heart 1
Day 12, Austin to Eureka: Long "No-Service" Day heart 4
Day 13, Eureka to Ely: Day of Many Summits heart 3
Day 14, Rest Day at Ely: On Pace So Far heart 1
Day 15, Ely to Baker: Another "No-Service" Day heart 4

Utah: Eye Candy Everywhere

Day 16, Baker, NV to Milford, UT: 84 Mile Stretch of Nothing heart 3
Day 17, Milford to Cedar City: Groovacious Ride Today heart 2
Day 18, Rest Day in Cedar City: Sis and Doc Are Back !! heart 1
Day 19, Cedar City to Panguitch: Doc Gets Too High Too Fast heart 1
Day 20, Panguitch to Escalante: Memorable Monumental Day As Sis Discovers The Meaning Of Adventure heart 2
Day 21, Escalante to Boulder: Incredible Beauty, Justification Enough For The Entire Trip heart 2
Day 22, Boulder to Hanksville: Eye Candy Overload, Milestones and Records heart 6
Day 23, Rest Day in Hanksville: Decision Time, Will It Be The Fire Or The Frying Pan? heart 2
Day 24, Hanksville to Blanding (Bud): No Easy Way Out Of This One, The Beast Inside heart 4
Day 24, Hanksville to Natural Bridges National Monument (Sis and Doc): A Crazy Century heart 3
Day 25, Rescue, Rest, and Recovery Day in Blanding: Knight In Uhaul Armor heart 2

Colorado: Rocky Mountain High

Day 26, Blanding, UT to Dove Creek, CO: We Made It To Colorado! Now It's Easy, Right? heart 1
Day 27, Dove Creek to Circle K Guest Ranch (east of Dolores): Getting High in Colorado heart 2
Day 28, Circle K Guest Ranch to Ridgway, CO: High In The Rockies, Sis Gets Off Track heart 6
Day 29, Ridgway to Cimarron (Pleasant Valley): A Down, Up, And Down Day; Bud's Found Money Collection Grows heart 2
Day 30, Cimarron (Pleasant Valley) to Gunnison: Pleasant Day Punctuated By The Solar Eclipse heart 2
Day 31, Rest Day in Gunnison: Reflections and Ruminations heart 2
Day 32, Gunnison to Sargents: About Time We Had An Easy Day heart 1
Day 33, Sargents to Salida: Over The Continental Divide! heart 2
Day 34, Salida to Westcliffe: Bighorn Sheep Sightings! heart 5
Day 35, Westcliffe to Pueblo: They Threw A Parade For Us! heart 1
Epilogue: Lessons Learned heart 2