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A tour of France, and Portugal

Cycling the war beaches of Normandy, along the Loire Valley, Atlantic coast, and Bordeaux city

By Carol Dunlop
1,627 miles (2,618 km) over 55 days between Aug. 20, 2014 and Oct. 13, 2014
We are off! heart 1
Arrived in Paris: Where are the bikes and gear?? heart 2
Are we ever going to cycle????: Re-thinking the "no planning," thing! heart 2
Assembling the bikes....at last: "I'm not sure that we are on the right train" heart 4
Peddling at last!: Beautiful Normandy heart 5
Headwinds and rain: Emotional day heart 10
Another great day on a bike: We still haven't made it to Honfleur heart 9
Traffic and hills!: Honfleur, at last heart 0
Rest day in Honfleur heart 0
You're kidding, right??? No way am I peddling my bike over that sucker!!!: I am also not peddling up that 12+ % grade street that goes on forever!! heart 0
Pretty much a _ _ _ _ up day!: Bike, train, subway, more subway, train, tram, train, bike... arrive in beautiful Blois heart 0
Blois to Chambrod Chateau Loop: Perfect day of biking heart 0
Blois to Villandry: Now we're humming! heart 0
Villandry to Saumur: Chateaus heart 0
Saumur to Gennes: Easy day in the saddle heart 0
Gennes to Bressuire: Tough day for me...very hot heart 0
Bressuire to Mareuil-sur-Lay: Lost in France and finding hills! heart 0
Mareuil-Lay-Dissaus to Le Breuil: Christian's exquisite B&B Excellance heart 0
La Breuil to Chatelaillon-Plage: Just a great day of cycling in France heart 0
Chatelaillon-Plage to Marennes: Dedicated cycle route all the way heart 0
Marennes to Soulac-Sur-Mer: Powered by wine, more wine, bread, and mussels, (and muscles) heart 0
Soulac-sur-Mer to Lacanau-Ocean: This was not supposed to be our destination for the day! "Remember that turn way back?!?" heart 0
Lacanau-Ocean to Bordeaux City: Pretty much a straight route all day, with the wind in our face.... heart 0
Two wonderful days in Bordeaux city, sans bikes heart 0
More Bordeaux photos: "How are we going to get to Potugal?" heart 0
Saint-Emilion by bike: Riding through the famous vineyards heart 0
Saint Emilion (Puynormand) to Medoc wine region: Sadly, by our rental van, not on a bike heart 0
Driving through the Medoc Vineyards and to the beach: We needed a moules fix! heart 0
Medoc to Arcachon, the slow road: Dam..I am still crazy about the photos getting deleted! heart 0
Arcachon to Pau: Loved the dune! heart 0
Pau to St -Jean-De-Luz: The scenic route heart 2
Day trip to San Sebastion, Spain heart 0
Goodbye France, Hello Portugal: Good riddance van, hello bike heart 1
A Day To Forget: Airport Nightmare! heart 2
Touring Sintra, Portugal on foot and bus heart 0
We leave Sintra by bus to our starting point for cycling heart 0
Monsaraz to Evora: We have lost our cycling legs for hills! heart 1
Evora to Aldeia da Serra: Tonight we stay in a beautiful converted Convent heart 0
Hills and More Hills: Destination, Elvas heart 1
Five days of Photos heart 3
Our Best Day of Cycling in Portugal, So Far: Long and steep heart 1
A Peaceful start to a Gruelling End: 1030m ascent. It just keeps getting steeper! heart 1
Marvao to Castelo de Vide: Total ascent of 830m, with a little of the daily requirement of 15% grade heart 1
Our Longest Day So Far, and The Steepest: "Oh Mama Mia", Do We Have to Climb That Sucker? heart 0
Cycling Towards Fatima: Saving the best for the end of the day......BIG, LONG CLIMB heart 1
Photos: Good WiFi at last!! heart 2
More Photos heart 1
Almost a Day Off: Fatima to Batalha heart 0
Pouring Rain, Flat Tire, Big Trucks, Traffic: "Uncle", time to call it heart 0
Obidos to Peniche, The Westermost City in Europe: Beautiful views heart 0
Our last, and Hardest Day, Also Our Second Longest: We peddle into Sintra heart 0
Final Thoughts heart 0