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Balkan Dreams

Zagreb to Athens in the time of the pandemic

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
1,922 miles (3,093 km) over 87 days between Aug. 19, 2020 and Nov. 13, 2020
Dream big or stay home heart 11
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, Group 14 heart 64
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, Group 15 heart 46
Mount Tabor and around heart 39
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest, Group 16 heart 44
The end of the Quest heart 48
Down to one hand heart 35
And in other news heart 57
Testing, Testing heart 33

The Croatian Interior

In transit heart 53
In Zagreb, Day 1 heart 78
In Zagreb: a day ride to the south heart 79
In Zagreb: the Oborovo Ferry heart 70
A Sunday evening in Zagreb heart 71
In Zagreb: another day ride to the south heart 82
To Krapina heart 71
In Krapina: a loop through Zagorje heart 67
In Krapina: Another loop through Zagorje heart 82
To Varaždin heart 73
In Varaždin: Eastern Međimurje heart 61
In Varaždin: west along the Drava heart 75
In Varaždin: Western Međimurje heart 61
In Varaždin: a photo album heart 80
In Varaždin: the Bednja River heart 89
In Varaždin: Međimurje again heart 85
To Krapinske Toplice heart 89
In Krapinske Toplice: along the Sutla River heart 99
Samobor heart 101
Stellar Saturday Samobor Sojourne - S! heart 74
To Karlovac heart 90
In Karlovac: Dobra River loop heart 104
In Karlovac: the Kupa River loop heart 52
To Rastoke heart 56
In Rastoke: a loop east toward Herzegovina heart 43
To Plitvička Jezera heart 46
In Plitvička Jezera: the upper lakes heart 45
In Plitvička Jezera: the lower lakes heart 64
Ogulin heart 49
In Ogulin: a photo gallery heart 75
Delnice heart 89
Opatija heart 75


Revisiting the plan heart 12
Labin heart 70
In Labin: a photo gallery heart 75
Buzet heart 96
In Buzet: a photo gallery heart 49
To Buje heart 89
In Buje: a loop along the coast heart 49
In Buje: a photo gallery heart 59
Bale heart 47
In Bale: a photo gallery heart 68
Return to Labin heart 43
To Mošćenička Draga heart 51
A walk to Mošćenice heart 80

Kvarner and Dalmatia

To Cres heart 57
In Cres: a photo gallery heart 47
In Cres: a walk on the east side heart 37
In Cres: a walk on the west side heart 49
To Lopar heart 26
In Rab: the hike to Kamenjak heart 63
Rab Island rideabout heart 27
The Rab-Lun ferry: a public service announcement heart 52
To Pag heart 62
Connecting the dots on Pag heart 119
In Pag town: a photo gallery heart 42
To Zadar heart 47
Blown away in Zadar heart 50
In Zadar: to Nin and Vrsi heart 58
Biograd na Moru heart 36
To Skradin heart 28
Rained in in Skradin heart 32
Roški slap / to Šibenik heart 69
In Šibenik: a photo gallery heart 52
To Trogir heart 31
In Trogir: a photo gallery heart 45
To Split: the end of the road heart 29
In Split: a hike in Marjan Park heart 28
In Split: a photo gallery heart 44

Northern Italy

To Pesaro heart 47
A walk on Pesaro Beach heart 51
To Rimini heart 59
To Ravenna: Crossing the Rubicon heart 35
To Comacchio heart 47
The Comacchio valleys heart 60
To Porto Tolle heart 46
In Porto Tolle: day ride along the Delta heart 43
To Ferrara heart 33
The walls of Ferrara heart 49
In Ferrara: the last supper heart 35
In Ferrara: a new plan slowly emerges from the fog heart 43
In Ferrara: the committee returns heart 15
To Bologna heart 41
It’s not too late heart 11
In Bologna: a walk in the parks heart 53


Once in a Blue Moon heart 33
In Ferrara: a photo gallery heart 61
The Portland Heritage Tree Quest: a coda heart 48
Twas the Night after Voting Day heart 25
Still stuck on Italy heart 65
Just for the record heart 23
The end of fómhar heart 50
In Washington Park heart 59
Two short rides heart 78