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In the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Our second Giro di Mezzogiorno

By Scott Anderson & Rachael Anderson
797 miles (1,283 km) over 30 days since Mar. 26, 2019

Dreaming of spring

There’s no place like home heart 62
Some progress to report heart 44
Re-tired heart 7
Chinook Landing heart 24
Moving day no. 1 heart 27
Moving day no. 2 heart 51
Now here’s my plan heart 37
Giro di Mezzogiorno, take one heart 10
Elk Rock Island heart 43
The Year of the Pig heart 38
The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies heart 37
The Nelson House heart 28
Over the hump heart 55
So why were there two Sicilies? heart 32
Rocky Butte heart 44
On the Calends of March heart 44
Mount Tabor heart 72
Old Town heart 49
Willamette Bluff heart 34
Cathedral Park heart 53
In Northwest Portland heart 61
Leif Erickson Drive heart 45
First day of spring heart 61
Odds and ends heart 8

In Sicily

A brief preview heart 4
False start heart 40
Departure heart 17
Concerning JFK International Airport heart 3
Here’s why we worry heart 17
In Palermo heart 58
Castellamare del Golfo heart 51
Day ride/hike: Zingaro Nature Reserve heart 85
Trapani heart 90
Day ride: Monte Erice heart 62
Marsala heart 58
Day ride: east of Marsala heart 44
Agrigento heart 31
Scala dei Turchi (the Turkish Steps) heart 50
To Licata: the Valley of the Temples, and a slight mishap heart 74
To Gela, after another mishap heart 74
To Caltagirone, and a mail delivery heart 51
In Caltagirone: a photo gallery heart 78
To Scicli heart 44
Scicli: the most beautiful city in the world? heart 56
To Noto heart 104
Day ride: north of Noto heart 90
Day ride: Noto Antica heart 90
To Syracuse heart 67
In Syracuse: Rest & Recovery heart 59
Palazzolo Acreide: into the icebox heart 71
Grammichele heart 68
Piazza Armerina: a very Good Friday heart 69
In Piazza Armerina: the Good Friday procession heart 48
Easter break heart 9
To Caltanissetta heart 47
In Caltanissetta: Easter Sunday heart 23
To Petralia Sottana: pushing our luck again+ heart 35
+Updated within 1 day
Updated within 7 days