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A brief preview

Somewhere above, buried in the middle of an earlier post, is an outline of our planned itinerary.  Likely that you’ve either forgotten about it by now, didn’t know it existed, or don’t know where to find it.  Also likely that you may not care, and you’d be happy enough to just wait for the tour to reveal itself one day at a time.

For those that care though, here’s a thumbnail sketch of what’s to come. Our twelve week tour begins and ends in Palermo, and roughly the first five weeks of it will be spent on this island.  We’ll be here for a couple of nights at the end too, when we’ll take the train back from the mainland to Palermo for our flight home.  Nearly our entire visit will be up front though, while the wildflowers are in bloom and before it starts warming up too much. 

We’ll be generally circling the island counterclockwise, except for a large backtrack west to circle Mount Etna.  Most of our overnight stays will be on the coast but we’ll see plenty of the interior too.  We’ll be traveling pretty slowly, with quite a few multinight stays that will let us mostly explore the hilly interior on day rides without our luggage.

We’ll be in Sicily for the entire month of April, plus a few days at the end of March.  If you followed us through our first tour of Sicily and don’t feel the need for a second look, you could just check back on May Day when we’ll catch the ferry from Messina to the mainland for the next seven weeks of the tour.  I’d probably follow along though if I were you.  Especially given that we’ll be here in Sicily for Easter this time, I imagine we’ll find something new and interesting to write home about.

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Sue PriceLooks like you two are going to find some great, hilly rides, which you love and I love reading about! Since we don't leave town again for another 3 months, I'm looking forward to reading about this trip! Enjoy!
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2 months ago
Scott AndersonTo Sue PriceThanks, Sue. I hope we still love those hills. We are getting older, don’t ya know.

You’ll be leaving in three months? Just when we’ll be getting back. Too bad - we were hoping we might hook up when we come up there in July, but maybe one of these years we’ll cross paths.
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2 months ago