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March 26, 2019

Concerning JFK International Airport

Note to self: never again.  Don’t ask why.

Oh, well - since you asked.  Our flight from Portland arrived at Terminal 4.  The departure board listed our next flight, to Rome, as departing from TM1.   We confirmed from an information desk that this was Terminal 1.  Looking around and seeing no signs directing us to Terminal 1, we inquired again at the information desk for directions.  I was instructed to take the door down the hall on the left, and take the shuttle to Terminal 2; and that Terminal 1 was close by.

There were multiple doors on the left but no signs that we could see pointing to the shuttle, but after another question or two we found it, and before boarding received confirmation that we should get off at Terminal 2 if we wanted to reach Terminal 1.

At Terminal 2 we looked around and saw no signs pointing to Terminal 1, so we asked a service worker.  They pointed us in the general direction, and we started walking that way along an outdoor, uncovered sidewalk (fortunately it wasn’t raining) hoping she knew what she was talking about and we weren’t just hiking away from the airport.  About 10 minutes later, and after at least 3 other stops to ask for confirmation that we were still on track, we arrived at Terminal 1.  At no point before we actually arrived at Terminal 1 did we see any directional indicator to it, or any indication that it even existed.  Remarkable.

Once there, we stopped in at a cafe for a bite to eat while we waited for our departure.  We were amused to overhear the young woman behind us tell the bartender of her unbelievable experience trying to find Terminal 1.  She still couldn’t believe that there were no directional signs and she couldn’t find it without asking about a half dozen folks along the way.

Never again.

Oh, here it is.
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Andrea BrownYep. It’s the worst.
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2 months ago
Bruce LellmanI could be wrong but isn't this a photo of the flower confusatageus vulgaris jfk-difolia?
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2 months ago
Scott AndersonTo Bruce LellmanYou could be right! Especially the vulgaris aspect. Look at those buds all about to burst open.
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2 months ago