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I emigrated from Minnesota to Portland, Oregon in 1982 to improve upon winter.  Fortunately I can't think of another place I'd rather live.  I've been a photographer since I was 7 years old and also I like to grow things.  My mate of many years is the lovely Andrea Brown.  I'm currently building a small house in our back yard which is interesting since I have never before built anything.    

Although I have spent years (cumulatively) traveling in Asia for the past 45 years, it wasn't until I was 60 years old when I discovered cycle touring.  Without ever having ridden a fully loaded bike, even around the block, Andrea and I started our first cycling trip in Myanmar in 2014, (Both Sides of Paradise).  I loved cycle touring immediately.  Being able to get ourselves to places where public transport doesn't go is the ultimate in freedom.

We ride Bike Friday folding bikes built in Eugene, Oregon.  

If you are interested in my Instagram it's @pancakekingdom