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Both Sides of Paradise

Off and on the beaten tracks of SE Asia by people old enough to know better

By Andrea Brown & Bruce Lellman
1,646 miles (2,649 km) over 129 days between Oct. 28, 2014 and Mar. 5, 2015
"Dear Little Friends," is how we always begin heart 4
Issues to reckon with heart 1
Are there two sides to paradise? heart 0
Big Stripey Bags heart 2
Day of Departure heart 3
Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank G- heart 0
Ticket to Heaven heart 21
The Road to Change heart 4
Cocoons into butterflies heart 4
Escape from Bagan heart 17
Myanmar Face: Myanmar stomach heart 12
Hello Banana heart 1
Back On Our Feet heart 8
Things May Not Be As They First Appear heart 9
The Rest is Downhill heart 6
Only a Little Bit Up Please heart 6
Knowledge Power heart 2
The State of Roads in Myanmar heart 2
Loikaw or Bust! heart 2
Loikaw and Back! heart 6
Oh Babe, I Hate To Go heart 2
The Master Pastry Chef of Kalaw heart 2
Four Miles into the Future heart 2
Border Dash heart 0
A Win Win Situation heart 3
Late To The Party heart 2
Ze Boat From Hell heart 4
But Before We Leave Luang Prabang... heart 6
Slipping Through Spokes heart 7
Unpaved and Unhinged heart 1
Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me heart 5
Muang Nan, Laos to the Thai border at Tha Li heart 1
BRUCESTATS - LAOS: Part 1 heart 3
The String of Pearls heart 14
Turning the Corner of the Bowl heart 7
Dear Kat and Willie heart 1
A Perfect Day heart 4
A Schizophrenic Journal Entry heart 0
Entropy in Issan heart 6
Following The Tapioca Trail heart 3
Let's Go On and See How Far We Get heart 3
Maybe it was the Wind heart 3
Gong Shopping and Island Hopping heart 14
The Crossing heart 7
From Son Pot's Temple to Muang Khong heart 4
Checking for Dollaria heart 4
BRUCESTATS - LAOS: Part 2 heart 7
Bruce and Andrea's Big Day heart 0
The Great Cambodian Soundtrack heart 15
Clickety-clack Going Down the Track heart 5
Bending with the Wind heart 2
Stay Tuned heart 0
Things Are Heating Up heart 4
Two Routes to Ban Krut heart 1
Coasting In On The Fumes heart 1
Over the Horizon heart 2
Winding Down heart 0
A Night in Chumphon, Thailand heart 0
Boiling Hot Now heart 11
The Turnaround heart 4
A Half Hour West, As the Hornbill Flies heart 9
Gallery of Koh Chang Beach Photos heart 2
Ranong to Krung Thep (Bangkok) heart 0
Bangkok heart 8
The Both Sides of Paradise Film Festival heart 0