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Both Sides of Paradise

Off and on the beaten tracks of SE Asia by people old enough to know better

By Andrea Brown & Bruce Lellman
1,646 miles (2,649 km) over 129 days between Oct. 28, 2014 and Mar. 5, 2015
"Dear Little Friends," is how we always begin heart 19
Issues to reckon with heart 3
Are there two sides to paradise? heart 4
Big Stripey Bags heart 7
Day of Departure heart 13
Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank G- heart 9
Ticket to Heaven heart 43
The Road to Change heart 13
Cocoons into butterflies heart 17
Escape from Bagan heart 39
Myanmar Face: Myanmar stomach heart 25
Hello Banana heart 3
Back On Our Feet heart 27
Things May Not Be As They First Appear heart 50
The Rest is Downhill heart 31
Only a Little Bit Up Please heart 37
Knowledge Power heart 22
The State of Roads in Myanmar heart 14
Loikaw or Bust! heart 17
Loikaw and Back! heart 42
Oh Babe, I Hate To Go heart 18
The Master Pastry Chef of Kalaw heart 6
Four Miles into the Future heart 5
Border Dash heart 3
A Win Win Situation heart 15
Late To The Party heart 33
Ze Boat From Hell heart 22
But Before We Leave Luang Prabang... heart 34
Slipping Through Spokes heart 37
Unpaved and Unhinged heart 12
Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me heart 47
Muang Nan, Laos to the Thai border at Tha Li heart 6
BRUCESTATS - LAOS: Part 1 heart 12
The String of Pearls heart 55
Turning the Corner of the Bowl heart 44
Dear Kat and Willie heart 5
A Perfect Day heart 19
A Schizophrenic Journal Entry heart 6
Entropy in Issan heart 42
Following The Tapioca Trail heart 30
Let's Go On and See How Far We Get heart 31
Maybe it was the Wind heart 14
Gong Shopping and Island Hopping heart 68
The Crossing heart 45
From Son Pot's Temple to Muang Khong heart 25
Checking for Dollaria heart 31
BRUCESTATS - LAOS: Part 2 heart 25
Bruce and Andrea's Big Day heart 10
The Great Cambodian Soundtrack heart 64
Clickety-clack Going Down the Track heart 48
Bending with the Wind heart 28
Things Are Heating Up heart 44
Two Routes to Ban Krut heart 11
Coasting In On The Fumes heart 24
Over the Horizon heart 20
Winding Down heart 4
A Night in Chumphon, Thailand heart 1
Boiling Hot Now heart 67
The Turnaround heart 53
A Half Hour West, As the Hornbill Flies heart 37
Gallery of Koh Chang Beach Photos heart 16
Ranong to Krung Thep (Bangkok) heart 1
Bangkok heart 31
The Both Sides of Paradise Film Festival heart 1