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Andrea Brown


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Unmettled Roads 6200
This Time Tomorrow 3160
Both Sides of Paradise 1636


I live in Portland, Oregon but grew up in Montana. 

Burning up the sidewalk in my Easter dress.

I have two amazing kids who are all grown up now with wonderful partners.

My kids standing in front of the universe.

I live with a goofball named Bruce, who took me on a trip to SE Asia in 2002 and got me hooked.

It's been great to turn over most of the cooking to him.

We have a cat named Pinkie, who is the cutest kitty in the world, as we frequently tell her.

You can follow Pinkie on Instagram @the_pinkie_report

We are in between trips right now but here is a photo from 2016 right after this nice woman rowed me across a small bay in her tiny boat.

Vietnam, November 2016

We ride Bike Friday folding bikes made in Eugene, Oregon.