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To Begin Again

Picking up where we left off in Thailand

By Andrea Brown & Bruce Lellman
1,025 miles (1,650 km) over 77 days between Nov. 6, 2022 and Jan. 21, 2023

Prologue: pick yourself up and dust yourself off

Rooted like trees heart 35
To Begin Again heart 38
Each stone, blossom, child heart 95
Take hold of the smallest thing heart 84
Kaleidoscopic heart 170
Some empty freedom heart 136
Ayutthaya to Ang Thong heart 111
Ang Thong to Sing Buri heart 122
Knots of our own making heart 149
Sankhaburi to Uthai Thani heart 87
To trust our heaviness heart 132
The Song of the Little Cement Road heart 70
From SP Resort to Baan Peu-un Resort heart 94
Pulled toward the heart of the world heart 91
Khlong Khlung to Kamphaeng Phet heart 109
Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park heart 256
Riding Through a One Song Town heart 207
Kosamphi to Tak heart 139
Tak to Sam Ngao heart 107
Sam Ngao to Mae Phrik heart 96
Mae Phrik to Thoen heart 107
Thoen to Li and Beyond to Mae Tuen heart 60
Mae Tuen to Ban Hong heart 53
Ban Hong to Lamphun heart 85
Every morning a new arrival heart 91
A Lamphun Gallery heart 172
Lamphun to Chiang Mai heart 135
Our Long Break in Chiang Mai heart 187
A joy, a depression, a meanness heart 142
Gallery of Chiang Rai Photos heart 150
Chiang Rai to Baan Huai So heart 98
Baan Huai So to Chiang Khong heart 160
A Chiang Khong Gallery heart 146
Visa Run to Huay Xai, Laos heart 100
Chiang Khong to Wiang Kaen heart 141
Wiang Kaen to Baan Phaen Din Thong - Part 1 heart 176
Wiang Kaen to Phaen Din Thong Part 2 heart 117
Phaen Din Thong to Thoeng heart 132
Thoeng to Chiang Kham heart 45
Chiang Kham - Wat Nantaram heart 99
A Week of Movement but not by Bicycle - Day 1 heart 86
A Week of Movement but not by Bicycle - Day 2 heart 66
A Week of Movement but not by Bicycle - Day 3 heart 49
A Week of Movement but not by Bicycle - Day 4 heart 18
Treat each guest honorably heart 49
A Week of Movement but not by Bicycle - Days 5 & 6 heart 44
A Week of Movement but not by Bicycle Day 7 heart 38
Hua Hin to Sam Roi Yot heart 139
Sam Roi Yot to Prachuap Kiri Khan heart 97
Prachuap Kiri Khan heart 108
Flowers of Thailand heart 155
Prachuap to Ban Krut heart 118
Ban Krut to Ban Saphan heart 113
Meet them at the door laughing heart 131
Samit Resort to Chomlay Restaurant (and Bungalows) heart 74
Photo Gallery of Chomlay Restaurant and Bungalows heart 142
Chomlay Restaurant (Pak Klong) to Thung Wua Laen Beach heart 106
Thung Wua Laen Beach heart 109
Be grateful for whoever comes heart 125
Chumphon, Thailand heart 70
Chumphon Gallery of Photos heart 73
A guide from beyond heart 62
Back in Bangkok heart 125
Gallery of Bangkok Photos heart 183
Clearing you out for some new delight heart 75
The Time/Bike/Space Continuum heart 13
BruceStats heart 29