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Unmettled Roads

Mandalay south along the Irrawaddy, and on to Thailand

By Andrea Brown & Bruce Lellman
1,261 miles (2,029 km) over 93 days between Oct. 23, 2019 and Jan. 23, 2020
A One-Way Ticket to Mandalay heart 65
The Hour Before Sunrise heart 107
Luck heart 35
Chid Bank in Mandalay heart 108
The Keeping House heart 69
The Road from Mandalay heart 92
Mandalay Gallery of Photos heart 89
We Interrupt This Journal heart 43
Bagan Gallery of Photos heart 153
Forty Years Later heart 50
The Pyay Limited heart 62
Thataway heart 66
Pyay Gallery of Photos heart 107
The Beautiful Ride to Oke Shit Pin heart 113
From Oke Shit Pin to Hinthada heart 19
Shwe LellmanBrown Pagoda Donations Welcome heart 109
Hinthada Gallery of Photos heart 90
The Whole Mysterious Thing heart 90
The Stinking Heat heart 102
Pathein heart 187
Uppity Bicyclists heart 162
Yangon Gallery of Photos heart 93
Mawlamyine heart 146
We Understand Only .005% heart 226
Gallery of Hpa An Photos heart 113
Gallery of Mawlamyine Photos heart 203
It Started Out Nice heart 68
Untying the String heart 13
Shwe and Luck heart 16
Summing Up - Myanmar heart 12
Waking up in Thailand heart 61
Ban Dan Lan Hoi to Old Sukhothai heart 131
Old Sukhothai to New Sukhothai heart 94
Walls and bridges heart 76
Suwankhalok to Old Si Satchanalai heart 131
My curl didn’t melt heart 69
Its Flower Are Happy Again heart 57
A Three-Baht, Two-Soup Day heart 63
We’ll be back for dinner heart 64
Winning the Lottery is One Thing, Hills Another heart 72
Wat Neramit Wipatsana heart 102
The stars shine brighter heart 81
Just Go With It heart 106
Greeting Old Friends heart 83
Gallery of Pak Chom Photos heart 98
The french fries were awesome heart 88
Riding Slowly and Savoring heart 82
A Norbert gin-and-tonic heart 96
Nong Khai Gallery of Photos heart 65
BRUCE STATS - THAILAND Part 1 heart 12
New decade, new visa heart 93
The Thai Way heart 108
Thwapping Pineapples heart 83
The bathroom deserves its own paragraph heart 98
Raw Meat and Bungalow Shadows heart 66
Land of the Free heart 92
Amateur Thai food heart 111
Lucky Morning Money heart 66
Under the Blessing Tree heart 55
Second Breakfast heart 104
Inadvertently Terrorizing Chickens heart 103
The movement in your head heart 71
Riding the White Line heart 94
Slow-motion butterfly heart 134
The Counting Bird heart 14
The Gong Highway heart 72
Thai Crematories heart 51
Rags to riches, hotel-wise heart 60
Buffet Breakfast Extraordinaire heart 37
Ubon Ratchathani Gallery of Photos heart 68
Long Journey Home heart 74
A Leap of faith heart 68
Lucky to the End heart 10